Durban Pot Pourri Ten

Pot Pourri  10   This week something different.  I would suppose that the harbour would have had more interest for boys than girls growing up in Durban. It has though always been an integral part of Durban.  For me it … Read More

Durban Pot Pourri Six

Durban Pot Pourri  6   This week’s pictures are more a mix of old and new. Some survived to the late 50s early 60s but eventually fell to the demolishers.  Some of the younger viewers will be interested to see … Read More

Durban Pot Pourri Five

Picture 1 : Many recognised the Athlone Bridge crossing the Umgeni River.  The bridge runs from Athlone Drive which skirted the Windsor Golf Course and onto Northway.  The building on the left is not the Athlone Gardens  Hotel but Whitehall … Read More

Durban Pot-Pourri Three

The Bathing Enclosure 1905. The first picture that came up for Pot Pourri 3 was the Bathing Enclosure  that existed on the beach front in the early 1900s being constructed.  This enclosure was built near Dairy Beach for the use … Read More

Durban Pot-Pourri Two

Pot Pourri Two Aliwal Street 1930s. In my previous post re Hollywood Court and the cinemas, the one photo shows the corner of Smith and Aliwal Streets.  The picture I post is a close up picture of that corner where … Read More

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