Many people have helped in various ways with Facts About Durban. The following is not a complete list and I beg pardon if I’ve left anyone out. Drop me a line and I’ll gladly rectify any omission.

The Internet Years

Kevin Watson, Udo Richard Averweg, Alan Young, Zak Coombs,




There was a shameful lapse at this time and many generous people totally fell through the cracks. My sincere apologies to anyone not mentioned.


Third Edition Edition – 2007

Bill Bizley, Matt Powell, Reg Sweet, Philip Warhurst, Wade Kidwell, Zoe Brown, Garry Menzies, David Mitchell, Peter Sharples & Sonia Minney, Vivian Atwood, Rosemary Dixon-Smith, Nigel Hughes, Tony Thompson, Robert Davies , Barry Livsey, Donald Davies, Veonna Burne, Selwyn Sklarchik, Sally Frost, Wim Mutsaerts, William Paterson, Alan Taylor, Gavin Foster, Jenny Pache, Dotty Hardberger, Arthur Gammage, Graham Moss, Dave Puttick, Colin Garvie, Ken Cutherbert, Derek Austin, Robert Page and Bruce Page, Eerhard Huizinga, Leigh Dougall, Wade Kidwell, Barbara Maude-Stone, Allen Shultz, Dave Neilson, Malcolm Wesson, Jeff Gaisford, Henry Beitz, Rein Pirn, Marius Mathee, Mike Hutchons, Hans-Dieter Winkens, Graham Howgego, John Taylor, Dave Baird, Neil Gould, Martin Versfeld, Milandie Birch, Marie Tomlinson, Rob Deane, Rose Enstrom, Mike Laing, James Byrom, Ricky Nortje, Ragnar Iversen, TE Francis, Roger Ingle & Hans Hallen.

Along The Way

Thanks to Ela Gandhi who took time out of her busy schedule to see me

The Second Edition – May 2004

I must repeat my thank-yous to Peter Bendheim and the eThekwini Municipality Communications Department, Sonia Coleman, and Denis Maher who originally inspired the Facts phenomenon. This time around I also need to thank Beric Jackson, Brenda Horner, Charmian Silcock, Claudia Ariatti, Italian Consulate Durban, David Ireland, Dean Wingrin, Doug Thompson, Eurika Deminey, George Askew, Gerald Buttigieg, Frank Beeton, Horace Dainty, Janet Nicholson, Jill Forrester, Joan Delgado, John Austin-Williams, Janine Andersen, Joan Harrison, Joan Lousada, John Buchan, John Mayor, Karen Lotter, Kathleen Hamilton, neè Hudson, Kevan Mardon, Lenn Mostert, who was then eThekwini Municipality Photogrammetry Section Manager, Leon Nicholson, Mark Horning, the eThekwini Mayor’s Office, Merle Rowles, Mike Bootes, Mike Rochfort, Ossie Gorven, Paul Dubois, Peter Kelly, Peter Marsh, Reg & Doreen Monckton, Richard Rowland, Roz Sarkin, Terry Hutson, Tom Chalmers, of World Air News, Tony Day, Tony Large for his book and for delivering me, Tracy Paul, Vic Parsonage, and Wendy Scott.

The First Edition – June 2003

Special thanks must go to Peter Bendheim and the eThekwini Muncipality Communications Department. Peter supported the project from the start providing encouragement and plenty of new leads to follow while the department’s generous initial order for copies of Facts enabled its publication. Thanks also must go to Sonia Coleman who lent me a number of books and shared both her memories and photographs. Others who helped greatly along the way include Sohana Singh, eThekwini Municipality, Kelvin Gould, City Engineer’s Department, Coleen de Villiers, SA Weather Bureau, Jyothi Naidoo and Bashni Padayachee, National Ports Authority, Desere Strydom, S.A. Lighthouse Services, Grant McKenna, Local History Museum, Ockie Fourie, Mayor’s Office, Dennis Claude and Helenore Labuschagne, KZN-NIA, and lastly, but by no means leastly, the ever-helpful librarians at the Killie Campbell Africana Library.

Thanks are also due to Denis Maher whose booklet of interesting facts and trivia about Dumfries in Scotland inspired me to give my hometown the same treatment.