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Entertainment in Durban / Beaches / South Beach / Mermaid Lido / 1950s / 1960s/ 1970s/ Cookie Look / Rock 'n Roll / Nest / Cuban Hat / Sport / Cinemas.

This is a bit of a confusingly-titled page, but we have a growing amount of material on what Durnanites did for entertainment in the 1950s and 1960s & 70s. This is a contents page for that material.

The Lido is gone!!

Undated picture of the Little Top courtesy Mike Osborne
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Undated picture of the Little Top Courtesy Erica Koen. That's her in the middle with the Little top in its Blue and White Livery behind. Erica believes the picture was taken in the 1960s.

Aerial Beachfront - Aerial Beachfront
Aerial shots of the beachfront. The rectangular building with the squared-off roof, shown in both, was apparently the Arundel Tearoom. The right-hand picture is dated 1949 and the other is from quite a bit earlier than that.
Pictures courtesy Arthur Gammage
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Courtesy Etienne Du Plessis - Beachfront 1953

  • Kenilworth

The Kenilworth Amusement Arcade. Barbara Maude-Stone writes that the Kenilworth was next to the Rachel Finlayson swimming pool and owned by the Newton family. Barbara's mother worked there on the darts stall in the evening and, she says, the building must have been demolished in about 1970. Hopefully we'll get more information on the building, and the Newtons Amusement Park, in time.

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See here for another postcard of the building.

Postcard courtesy Barbara Maude-Stone

  • A page of pictures sent in by Trevor Friend of the motorboat pond, Caves of Terror, go-kart track, Vintage Car Ride & Kenilworth Centre.


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