What was on in Durban July 16th 1965.

I received this picture of the page of the Daily News Friday 16th 1965 from Trevor Friend.

It would have been the middle of the July season so Durban would have been invaded from the north. Interesting to see that a whole page of the newspaper could be filled with what was on in Durban for your entertainment. I have cropped the whole page in two halves as it is rather large.

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  1. Ryan
    | Reply

    Hi Gerald ,

    Like to pick your brain about Miller Weedon ,need some info or help in getting some …looking for my father

  2. Gerald Buttigieg
    | Reply

    Hi Ryan
    I well remember Miller Weedon as a Travel Agency in Durban. I looked them up in 1968 Directory and it refers one to Associated Air Travel Bureau 3 Murchies Passage Durban (formerly Walton Travel) . However my late father in law told me he worked for Miller Weedon before signing up for WW2. The firm was called Miller Weedon & Carruthers Forwarding Agents 44 Point Road. This is the 1938 address. Later in 1968 they are listed as Shipping and Forwarding Agents First Floor Aliwal House 35 Aliwal Street. So an old firm with a long association with Durban. That’s about all I can help you with.

  3. Anne L Stowell
    | Reply

    My cousin Frida Blumenberg had told me how she enjoyed working with your father when making the mosaic on the Terminal.

    • Charles du Toit

      Hi Anne I recently bought a painting by Frieda, done in a Picasso style, Wikipedia says she took part in a group exhibition with Picasso but I can’t find out much about that or even anything about her on the internet. I would love to learn more about her, how she managed to exhibit with Picasso and any other information that you might have. 0788204905 or rideawhiteswan2017@gmail.com Kind Regards Charles

  4. Graham Horn
    | Reply

    Hi Gerald, Coincidentally, I was also at the Convent in Potchefstroom from 1956 to 1959. May I ask which years you were there? After that, we also moved to Durban.

    • Gerald Buttigieg

      Hi Graham
      You are one of the very few that have indicated they went to Potch Convent. I was there in 1949 and 50 and then again in 1953 and half 1954. My Class Teachers in 49 was Sister Praxedis, 1950 Suster Lucina 1953 Sister Bonavita and in 1954 Sister Edelwina. I have managed to contact two who were with me one was Larry Kirkbride and the other Patricia Kairuz Saad. The Sisters in charge of the boys was Sister Expedita and Sister Teresa. What classes were you in?

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