Durban Photos 1968

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I was clearing out some old CDs and found one I had saved these pictures of Durban taken in early 1969. In 1968 I had just bought myself a new Minolta SRT 101 35mm Single Lens Reflex camera from a … Read More

Durban Trolley Bus Memories

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My earliest memories of Durban’s Trolley buses goes virtually back to the days when we first arrived in Durban as immigrants in 1948. I had never seen a trolley bus before as in Alexandria Egypt, their public transport was single … Read More

Bussing to School

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No doubt wherever you lived in Durban, I would say the majority of you experienced going to school by bus unless you lived across the road from School. My memories of bussing to school date from 1954 through to 1961. … Read More

The Woodlands Drummer

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I have just received this photo from a friend of mine that grew up in Woodlands. Apparently during the 1950s, this man would walk the streets of Woodlands beating his drum asking for donations. When given a donation he would … Read More

Durban’s Woes

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I have not had a Daily News newspaper in years but yesterday there were a couple of copies left and the main page headline caught my eye so I bought one. I think many of our Durbanites living overseas who … Read More

Fire guts old Durban Building

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A fire gutted an old Durban building on Saturday night, 14th April 2018. Buchanan’s Building on the corner of West Street and Russell Street was completely gutted. Those who know Durban will remember the two storey building had a gable … Read More

Terra Cotta Brickworks.

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Sometime ago I was asked to comment in an email on a subject relating to early Durban. I responded and thereafter was included in a list of several people who are very connected with the study and research of early … Read More

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