Durban Pot-Pourri One

I have been given a massive amount of photo copies of newspaper cuttings, pictures copied from books etc. etc. all related to Durban. Unfortunately there was no order to this accumulation and I have to sift through it which is … Read More

Durban Hotels

Sheldene Crawford, whom I acknowledge here, forwarded me extracts from a book she has concerning some of Durban’s better hotels at the time. The book dates to 1958 and was published by Victor de la Hurst. Sadly some of the … Read More

School Dances.

There seems to be an interest on social media regarding school dances held at various schools in the distant past. These were the days when the hype around school dances was not what it has become today. But as many … Read More

Durban Railway Station.

I came across this wonderful site which covers the Durban Railway Network from its earliest days. The site is called Soul of a Railway and covers the whole South African Railway saga. I looked at the Natal Durban system and … Read More

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