Natal Command

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Site contributor Udo Averweg has sent in an interesting article he wrote on Natal Command and the Officer and NCO who were in charge when it closed as a military base. You can download the article (and his others) in … Read More

Alan Brooker R.I.P.

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Alan Brooker 25/11/1942 – 26/3/2019. There is mention in the Cookie Look post on this site of Alan Brooker being the leader of a well known 1960’s Durban rock group called The Knights. Sadly on Saturday, I attended his funeral. … Read More

St Joseph’s School

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St Joseph’s School was situated on the corner of Broad and Smith Streets. It was adjacent to the Convent of the Holy Family Nuns which stood behind the school. When the school closed, the Durdoc Centre was built on the … Read More

Durban Photos 1968

I was clearing out some old CDs and found one I had saved these pictures of Durban taken in early 1969. In 1968 I had just bought myself a new Minolta SRT 101 35mm Single Lens Reflex camera from a … Read More

Durban Trolley Bus Memories

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My earliest memories of Durban’s Trolley buses goes virtually back to the days when we first arrived in Durban as immigrants in 1948. I had never seen a trolley bus before as in Alexandria Egypt, their public transport was single … Read More

Bussing to School

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No doubt wherever you lived in Durban, I would say the majority of you experienced going to school by bus unless you lived across the road from School. My memories of bussing to school date from 1954 through to 1961. … Read More

Tongaat locomotive

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Arthur Gammage has asked if anyone knows where the Tongaat Locomotive that used to stand in Bulwer Park is now or if you have a picture of it. Arthur tells me that Eric Lupke obtained permission from the Parks Department … Read More

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