West Street

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Reader Richard Holmes sent this fine view of West Street. He thinks that it must have been taken sometime prior to 1931. Can anyone narrow the timing down at all? Share this:


We have a couple of pages on Durban cinemas. The latest addition is from my informant Pat Sligo who has sent in a wonderful picture he took of the Metro cinema in about 1953 which shows the ice cream cart … Read More


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We have quite a large section on Durban’s whaling industry on this site including the reminiscences of some of the Durban folk who signed up to go whaling in the Antarctic aboard the factory ship Abraham Larsen. The main whaling … Read More

Aimee Lykes

ADDED 25 October 2018: We now have a video of Aimee Lykes in dry dock.   The subject of the vessel Aimee Lykes came up in the previous post and my informant Graham Read sent in a picture he took … Read More

Big update

There are a lot of bits and pieces that have been collecting so I might as well plunge straight in with a couple of pictures sent in by Bob Gooderson relating to the construction of the New Lonsdale Hotel. The … Read More

St Joseph’s

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My informant Bianca Lawrence sent in a great picture taken from Russlyn flats in St Andrew’s Street and looking towards Broad Street. Shown is the old St Joseph’s School where Bianca was a pupil in Class 1. She said she … Read More

New pictures

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We’ve got a couple of pictures for you today. The first is of the Little Top and comes from Erica Koen which I have put up on the main Entertainment page because there is already quite a bit of stuff … Read More

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