Union Castle II

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  Following on from the previous post on Tim Gallwey’s Union Castle memories, Trevor Friend sent in scans of his Union Castle memorabilia including a map of Africa and the schedule of sailings for 1955.   By the way, I … Read More

New Forest High 1969

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Trevor Friend sent in this picture of his matric class. Speak up if you know any of them.   Back Row: – Andrew (Andy) Miller, Keith Demmer, John (Johnny) Banks, Brian Lloyd, David Downs Middle Row: – Trevor Friend, Gordon … Read More

Da Gama Clock Update

  Most Durbanites are familiar with the Da Gama Clock which has stood on Victoria Embankment for many years. It has been in a sorry state for many years and was extensively vandalised but the city, thankfully, is now doing … Read More

Tram shelter upgrade

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Here’s some good news for a change. I recently received some pictures from Kevan Mardon showing before and after the restoration and repair of the tram shelter at the top of Florida Road. And here’s the shelter after the completion … Read More

Musgrave Centre

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Arthur Gammage sent in some interesting pictures of Musgrave Centre. He wrote: Good day Allan. One of your respondents mentioned the Musgrave Centre and asked about any images. I have an artist’s impression and a photo of the original centre as attached, from … Read More


I have just received a scan of a very interesting airmail postcard which was sent in by Derk van Groningen who acquired it during a trip to Zimbabwe. It is dated 5 March 1925 and there was an experimental airmail service between Durban … Read More

Old Durban Photos

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  I was sent these pictures of Durban taken probably in the 1920s / 1930s.  Click on the pictures to enlarge. This postcard shows the view of Durban looking across the Bay towards the Bluff. Share this:

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