Mandarin Room

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Reader Rob Caweg noticed a contribution from Bob Gooderson which included a menu from the Mandarin Room at the Edward Hotel. That menu dates from 1981 and Rob recalled that his father, a Dutch sea captain had dinner at the … Read More

Epic Management Fail

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Things have been known to happen slowly around here but I surpassed myself with the recent rediscovery of an email folder dating back to the time while I was moving to Brisbane and settling down. The folder is marked ‘Hold’ … Read More

New Ricksha Picture

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  Tord Tutturen sent in a question about a picture of his relative Ludvig Field.     He wrote: I have a picture of an old relative, photographed in a rickshaw on West Street in Durban. The storefront in the … Read More

The Natal Locomotive

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  We already had a couple of pages on the site about the steam locomotive which drew the first train in South Africa which ran from the Point to Pine Street. The locomotive was called The Natal and the launch of … Read More

The mills of FAD

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The Mills of FAD may grind slowly but they do grind exceedingly fine and sooner or later we seem to get a reaction to everything we publish. In this case the reaction to Frank Beeton’s memories of 1950s aviation highlights … Read More

Preservation and restoration

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  I’m encouraged by the fact that efforts at preserving our heritage are still underway in Durban. I had a message from Martin Prange of the City Architect’s Department about a project they’ve just completed. He wrote: “Thought you might … Read More

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