We have a couple of pages on Durban cinemas. The latest addition is from my informant Pat Sligo who has sent in a wonderful picture he took of the Metro cinema in about 1953 which shows the ice cream cart which used to serve patrons there.

Picture courtesy Pat Sligo.
Picture courtesy Pat Sligo.

He wrote:

Herewith the pic of the ice cream cart outside the Metro awaiting interval I promised some time ago. There was always a stampede to try and get and eat an ice cream, and get back to your seat in the 10 minute duration of interval!!

I took this pic around 1953. From memory, this horse-drawn cart was always at the Metro for interval, sometimes at the 20th Century just opposite, but never at any of the other cinemas in Smith or Aliwal St. – maybe he had only enough ice cream to satisfy one cinema.

The film showing was Three Daring Daughters starring Jeanette McDonald and Jose Iturbi which was released in 1948. The program also featured Tommy McLennan on the cinema’s organ.

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