Distant Memories

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Reader Gordon Forrester left a comment on an earlier post about the 1950s but I thought I would give it its own diary entry because it covers quite a bit of ground and may provoke some discussion. He wrote: My … Read More

Theater Memories

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Reader Belinda dropped a comment on the very popular Arcades of Durban post and it raised so many memories I thought it should have its own post. She wrote: Reading all these posts have brought a flood of memories … I can’t … Read More

Thanks David Baird

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Reader Alan Thom wrote in with this to say: David touched my heart and memories of Durban is so many ways. [See David’s article on the watering holes of his youth. Ed.] I was 6 years old when my Dad … Read More

Fynnland Beach

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Here’s another message that rather fell through the cracks. It arrived quite a long time ago from reader Bles Grobbelaar. He wrote: Hi Allan, Durbanites and friends Yesterday I was an 11-year-old bare-footed youth swimming at Fynnland Beach and today … Read More

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