Info request

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Friend of Fad William Paterson is collecting information for a book set in Zululand and Durban during WWII. He wrote: I am gathering material for the third novel in the Kirkwood trilogy and would welcome receiving very short notes  from people … Read More

Point School 1903?

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Lawrence Somasundram has written to ask if anyone knows of a Point School which would have been in operation around 1903 and would have either been solely for Indian pupils or had them in its numbers. The school was mentioned … Read More

Evacuee to visit Durban

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Susan Woodville wrote in to ask if anyone knew her father during his time in Durban. She wrote: My father (Stephen Woodville) was an evacuee in Durban during WW2 – he came from the UK about aged 10 to live … Read More

Maternity Homes

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Friend of Facts About Durban William Paterson is keen to know what nursing or maternity home a Durban woman would have gone to to give birth in 1919/20. I do know that St Augustine’s and Addington were in existence by … Read More

City Police Request

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Reader Hennie Heymans is asking for information and pictures on the Borough/City Police. He wrote: I am Hennie Heymans, born and bred in Durban – joined the SA Police (1964) graduated at UND (1969) and for my sins was transferred … Read More

Bill Buchanan

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Former Natal Newspapers colleague Greg Arde has been in touch to say that he is working with the local ward councillor to preserve the Burman Bush conservation area. He’s looking for information about Bill Buchanan who apparently gifted the land … Read More

Ricksha request

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  Picture courtesy Nicole White.   Reader Rowan Gatfield is a lecturer in Anthropology and is doing research on photos taken of Richshas from the 1880s to date. He says he is working on an academic paper and would welcome … Read More

Hotel Cecil

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  Arthur Gammage wrote in with a query about the Hotel Cecil:   G’day Allan Please will you publish this photo on fad and see if Bob Gooderson or anyone else can date this celebratory illumination of the Hotel Cecil … Read More

Eagle Building mural?

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Regular contributor Arthur Gammage has a question about an elusive mural which may have been in Eagle Building at one stage. He wrote: Hello Allan I have completed an article on the work of John Churchill Simpson, architect and artist, … Read More

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