Chelmsford Primary School Class 1 1963

Karen Ward has sent me this 1963 Class 1 photo. She cannot remember the names of the pupils but she was the only girl in the class and stands in the middle of the back row. Two away from her is Tony Leon, who took up politics after attending DHS. She thinks the tall boy standing on the right is Clive Nanking. She would like to know if any one can recognise the others. Anyone have a bit of history on this school which was on the Berea?


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  1. Mike
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    According to many sources Tony Leon attended Clifton and then Kearsney. Both schools list him as one of their famous pupils…..

    Tony Leon was born on 15 December 1956 in Durban. He was born to Sheila Schulz and Ramon Leon. His father was an Advocate and later a judge. He enrolled for his primary education at Clifton Preparatory School in Durban and later moved to Kearsney College. He then went to Wits university.

  2. Karen Ward
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    I ran into Tony at his book launch and mentioned to him about this pic and Chelmsford school and he acknowledged his attendance.

  3. Mike
    | Reply

    Hi Karen,

    I wonder if you could help me with this?. Was Berea Road Primary School , the same school as Chelmsford Primary. Many Thanks.

  4. Karen Ward
    | Reply

    Hi Mike,

    I think Chelmsford became Berea Road Primary… it was a long time ago. I just remember it being in a very similar location.

  5. Marek
    | Reply

    I went to Chelmsford back in 1960. Also went to Treetops, anyone remember that kindergarden?

  6. Jana
    | Reply

    Hi Karen
    I went to Chelmsford from Introductory class in 1957,1958 until halfway through 1959.I remember Miss Sissons and Miss Pemberton. I was called Jennifer or Jenny at that time. We had a Nicholas, Penny and Lauren in our class.

  7. Ross McWilliam
    | Reply

    Does anyone have class photos from the late 60’s when Pemberton and Sissons were still around?

    It would much appreciated if someone could post photos.

  8. Frank
    | Reply

    I attended Chelmsford School from 1950 to 1952,. At that time standard 1 was the highest standard in the school. Also remember Mrs Pemburton and Mrs Sissens. The school was in the corner of Berea and Musgrave Roads, with a church next door.

  9. Ekizabeth How
    | Reply

    Chelmsford School was in the Congregational Church Hall corner Musgrave and Berea Roads. The school then moved to Mayville to the old Congregational Church opposite the West Ridge Tennis Stadium. I think the School bought the old church. My niece went there in the early 80’s. Berea Primary School could have been the forerunner of Berea Road Girls School which was between Essenwood and Bellvue Roads. I went there from Class 1 to Std. 5 (1953 to 1959)

  10. Elizabeth How
    | Reply

    Tree Tops was on the corner of Essenwood and Silverton Roads My late Nephew went there for a while in the early 70’s I recall the headmistress as being Aunty Joyce/Joy

  11. SJT
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    Tony Leon was definitely at Chelmsford School. He was in the same class as my brother. My mother used to give him a lift home from school as they lived near us.

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