Origins of Durban. Comments by A.E. Cubbin

Some time ago I was given this photostat  copy of an article written by A.E Cubbin, Dept of History University of Zululand.  He has some interesting insights into the history of early Durban and I put it here with full acknowledgement to him. 

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  1. Nigel Nevshehir
    | Reply

    Hi Gerald

    Interesting History of Old Durban.
    I hope I am OK in posting this here.
    I remember going to a Night Club in the 1970’s , I think at the end of Sydney & Moore Roads. I can not Remember the Club’s name but is was in a Building and played Underground Music like Deep Purple etc.
    This is awesome site and brings back lots of memories of Old Durban where I grew up from 1958(5 years old) untill 1973 when I traveled around Natal as a Bank Official gaining Training.and then went up to Johannesburg in 1980. I left South Africa in 2010
    I now live in Estepona, Spain

    • Gerald Buttigieg

      HI Nigel
      The only club I can remember at the bottom of Moore Road was in Cuckoo Lane. Cuckoo Lane was adjacent to Moore Road corner. The name of the club I think was the Red Door but open to correction. It opened late at night and remained open till early hours.

  2. Charles Mark Oliver
    | Reply

    trying to contact A E Cubbin or his descendants. I have an old photo album he may find interesting

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