Allan Jackson Rest In Peace.

It is with the deepest sadness that I have just learnt that Allan Jackson passed away in Australia. This was posted on the FaceBook Facts about Durban site by Andrew Shemmeld .


“It is with great sadness that I have to announce that the founder of this group, Allan Jackson , passed away peacefully last night after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. Allan was not only the founder of this group but also of the FAD website and author of the book “Facts About Durban”, which was published in 3 editions. He was a “Durbanite” through and through and was passionate about the history of Durban and surrounds as is evident in his books and websites. Other than his books, Allan was also worked for, and wrote many articles for Natal Newspapers and various other magazines. His computer column in the Sunday Tribune was very popular and ran for many years. His true passion though was in his photography. I was privileged to have him often photograph my family occasions. His artistic flair for photography shines through in his photos of landscape and city scenes. To me he was a good friend and confidant of 30plus years and one time business partner. Rest in harmony Allan . Your legacy will live on.”


Though we never met in person you became a personal friend and we shared many a topic on this site.

Rest in eternal Peace Allan. Your friend Gerald Buttigieg

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  1. Frank Beeton
    | Reply

    Allan’s founding of FAD was massively significant to so many people seeking to reconnect with their own personal history, and the magnitude of his action can be gauged by the reaction to the news of his passing on the FAD Facebook page. I, too, never met him, but we had many exchanges by e-mail, and through postings on this site. R.I.P. Allan, you made a huge difference through your insight and efforts.

  2. Gerald Buttigieg
    | Reply

    Arthur Gammage has commented on Allan’s passing.

    ” I met Allan in our office, Urban Design, City Architecture Department, Durban some years ago. I provided some information for one of the editions of Facts about Durban. After Allan emigrated, we kept in touch. Since my retirement I follow up my interests especially local history and heritage. I frequently consult the website seeking information and occasionally contributing some item.

    Allan’s dedication to recording our city’s story and making this available has been remarkable. I trust that this archive will continue in similar fashion.

    To his family and friends, my condolence at the passing of Allan. We will all have fond memories of the man and his mission.

    Arthur Gammage

  3. Vikesh Singh
    | Reply

    Allan Jackson was a wonderful individual, humble and kind. This website has attracted many history buffs like myself and thanks to Mr Jackson have kept us reading the most interesting facts about Durban for hours on end. Rest in Peace Mr Jackson. You will never be forgotten.

  4. graeme
    | Reply

    Geez. Very sad to hear about this sad passing of someone who was a legend of Durban history.
    RIP.. We never met but I am a Durban boy from the late 40’s and remember your writings.

  5. Ian Robertson
    | Reply

    This is very sad news. I last corresponded with Allan about the importance of lodging the FAD archive with university or other research libraries, so that the accumulated information is not lost to future historians. Unfortunately he became ill and so far as I know the matter was not pursued.

    Gerald, is somebody taking over Allan’s duties? In particular:
    — Whatever organization hosts the website will need to need to be informed of the change and continue to be paid for their service, otherwise the entire site will suddenly disappear at some point.
    — The donations feature on the website will have to be changed as it still directs funds to Allan’s account. Also if any royalty is paid on the printed version of FAD, that money is presumably still going to Allan’s account.

    This is a great loss. Allan helped uncover and record so much fascinating information about a bygone age.

  6. Gerald Buttigieg
    | Reply

    Hi Ian
    Thanks for you post. I will contact you privately.

  7. Cindy Roberts
    | Reply

    Sad to hear about Allan. We found it a great compliment when he chose My Husband, Ray Roberts to shoot his Sister’s Wedding many years ago. I enjoyed his writings in the Newspaper. May his memory be a blessing.

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