Epic Management Fail

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Things have been known to happen slowly around here but I surpassed myself with the recent rediscovery of an email folder dating back to the time while I was moving to Brisbane and settling down. The folder is marked ‘Hold’ and contains 80 messages from the readers that I intended to get to ASAP. I didn’t mean it to take six or seven years but that’s how the cookie crumbled and I apologise to all concerned.

The first message on the list came from Mario Pascoal and included what looked like scans of some colour slides. The quality wasn’t great but I picked out these two showing the front of Louis Botha Airport and a view of Tollgate Being Built.



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  1. Mario Pascoal
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    Nice so my photos came in handy then LOL??? I took the building of Tollgate bridge from my grandparents flat that lived in at the time and my dad took the one at the airport before leaving with my mom to the UK.

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