Memories from Scotland

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Iain Wilson wrote in with the following memories. I was born, like a lot of people in Addington hospital and lived a part of my early life in Bathurst Road, Woodlands, Durban, (from 1956 until 1966). I attended the Infant … Read More

A few requests

Sheila McFarlane wrote in to ask: Hello Allan As an ex Durbanite, having being entertained at the Riviera, Cookie Look and even by John Drake’s band on the Berea, I was wondering if you have anything on the syncronised swimming … Read More

Aimee Lykes

ADDED 25 October 2018: We now have a video of Aimee Lykes in dry dock.   The subject of the vessel Aimee Lykes came up in the previous post and my informant Graham Read sent in a picture he took … Read More

TP Response

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Here’s a response from Paddy Browning to an article by Tim Pullen. He wrote: This post relates to Tim Pullen’s entry on the 12th December 2010, “Reminiscences from Tim Pullen”, regarding the COCA COLA rotating advert on the side of … Read More


A couple of posts back, Ariel Rudolph wrote in to ask about signs on the Bluff near the  restricted military area. Legend has it that there was a sign saying that one was leaving Durban and another welcoming you to … Read More


I had an e-mail recently from Paula Santa-Rita who had a few questions and some memories. I lived in Durban between January 1966 to 1969 at Walsingham’s Catholic Girl’s Hostel in Berea just off Berea Road, if I remember it … Read More

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