Durban Stations

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Reader Johnny Vassilaros alerted me to an interesting site run Graham Leslie Mccallum. The particular page I’m linking to is about Durban’s Railway Stations but there is plenty more of interest on the site. Share this:

Grey Street Casbah

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I have always been conscious that FAD’s coverage is incomplete and that we do not reflect the experience of all Durbanites. There has never been any intention to exclude anyone but the limited time I have had available has meant … Read More

Surfing Heritage SA

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Here’s a really cool link sent in by Warren Rodel. It’s to the website of Surfing Heritage SA which is based in Durban. They guys are concerned with the history of surfing in South Africa in general but there is … Read More

Paipo board interviews

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No, I didn’t know what Paipo boards were either, but it turns out that they are plywood bellyboards which were widely used in the early years of surfing,┬áincluding in Durban. Bob Green is an expert on such matters and he … Read More