Site Stats

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I recently discovered a Google tool called Data Studio which lets you display all sorts of live data including website statistics. The first thought through my head was that you visitors to the site might like to see just how … Read More

Site advertising

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I have added advertising to this site and it has already appeared in the WordPress section and will in due course spread to the other pages which are in a variety of different formats, layouts and styles. It is a regrettable step … Read More

FAD Facebook Group

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Thanks to Derek Austin we now have a page on Facebook and I encourage everyone to join and use it to chat, post pictures and memories and ask questions. The page is for all ages so please be nice … Read More

FAD back in print

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Yay!! Facts About Durban is available again at only AUD22.00 per copy plus postage from on-demand printer It took a while but I finally got my A into G and uploaded the book’s files to Lulu. Ordering is as simple as going to my page … Read More

Site interruption

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We would like to apologise for any interruption in FAD’s normal smiling service which has been experienced in the past few days. We undertook some badly needed database maintenance and we fear that some comments may have been lost while all that … Read More

Out of stock

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Today was a momentous day because I finally sold the last copy of Facts About Durban that I brought with me over to Brisbane. I am unable to access the original files that the book was laid-out in and I … Read More

Comment editing

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Wim Hoekstra was in touch to remind me that commenters on these diary posts were unable to edit their comments that they had made once the submit button had been clicked. He suggested a WordPress plugin that adds editing functionality … Read More

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