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Today was a momentous day because I finally sold the last copy of Facts About Durban that I brought with me over to Brisbane. I am unable to access the original files that the book was laid-out in and I can’t afford to have a big printing anyway. I do have high-resolution PDFs of the book and am doing experiments to see if those would be acceptable to one of the Print on Demand services like Lulu.com.

Watch this space and I’ll keep you posted on progress.

The other news is that the site hosting fees are costing me too much and so I am about to move the site to somewhere cheaper but hopefully just as good. I hope there is no interruption to the service but you never know.

I will use the move as an opportunity to tighten up on the comments that will be allowed on the site. This place is all about Durban memories and I am going to be quite strict about deleting comments that stray away from that. The only other permissible subject will be how great you think the site is. 😉

Finally, I would like to to give a big tip of the hat to my mate Gerald Buttigieg who is performing sterling work on this site both in the comments section and by posting new entries in this diary. I have not been as responsive as I might be due to many factors to do with moving on my own to a new country. Laziness has played its part too, of course 😉 but job insecurity and loneliness have been the major demotivating factors.

I’m well aware that this place might have fallen apart if it weren’t for Gerald so YAAAY!!! for him, is all I can say.

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