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Wim Hoekstra was in touch to remind me that commenters on these diary posts were unable to edit their comments that they had made once the submit button had been clicked. He suggested a WordPress plugin that adds editing functionality and, bearing in mind how often I find I need to edit my own comments to improve grammar or whatever, I decided to go with his suggestion.

As of now, therefore, you should be able to edit your comments to your heart’s content for five minutes after it is first submitted. After that time the system will hack your words into stone for all eternity 😉

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  1. john f dressing
    | Reply

    I sailed with a capt Hoekstra , when I was a 2nd engineer on the rampart , with unicorn shipping . I cant remember the chief eng , who was german . but we used to get our dutch gin bokma from the capt . mike brown was our 2nd mate . im going to write to trevor, as there is so much nostalgia , with a lump in my throat. very kind regards , john.

  2. Moira Badstubner
    | Reply

    For years I attended the Cadet band Competition in Albert Park. Later when I had married and had four lovely children I remember visiting the competition in our Beachbuggy only to find that I had left the vehicle “with the keys still in the ignition” !!!

    I remember Mrs Hoekstra who used to sing in a choir and her son played some instrument in the Durban Philharmonic (amateur) orchestra….

  3. Moira Badstubner (nee Williams)
    | Reply

    Please give Mrs Hoekstra a big hug from me….Moira Badstubner (nee Williams)

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