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Thanks to Derek Austin we now have a page on Facebook and I encourage everyone to join and use it to chat, post pictures and memories and ask questions.


The page is for all ages so please be nice and why don’t we try and go against web tradition by crediting the sources the pictures and other materials we post there. Think of all the good karma we can accumulate.

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  1. Michelle Watson
    | Reply

    Hi all this has been a wonderful site to have found. My mother Lynn Eileen Lawson (nee Mack) was born in Durban on 6 September 1941. Her parents were Christopher Gazley Mack and Lillian Mack (née Glazebrook). My grandfather was referred to by everyone as Gazley Mack and they lived in what was called Nicholson Road, Glenwood. My mom attended Penzance Road Primary school from around 1947-1951. Her best friend and is still to this day the closest person to a mother was Judy Brightman(née Bailey). Judy and her husband Mike Brightman have 2 daughters, one of which happens to now teach 6th grade (Miss Kerry Brightman) at Penzance Senior primary School. My mom Lynn Mack then went to Durban Girls High school and there after from what she told me before her passing was involved in teaching at a Scouts Club. I would love to know more about that. She went on to do modelling and modeled at from what I understand quite a prestigious clothing outlet in Durban, and also modled for many years fashion and Hats at the Durban July Handicap, and her photo was always in the paper on the 15th of July after the July Handicap. If anyone reads this email and has any information, even the smallest amount, I would really appreciate you getting in touch with me. I think as many people know she was adopted by the Mack family, and was born Patricia Patterson on 6 September 1941. Hope to hear from anyone with any information they may have on my mom. Thank you Michelle. m.watson@mweb.co.za

  2. ivan beal
    | Reply

    i think gerald had quite a bit of information on the mack family?

  3. Mike
    | Reply

    Hi Derek, I see quite a bit if interest on the FAD Facebook about the ”
    British Middle East Indian Sporting and Dining Club ‘” Below is a bit of info that you may want to post on the relevant Facebook page…..

    One building was still left standing, the old Queens Tavern, which was also due for demolition, but was rented to Peter Noel-Barham, who set it up as a restaurant, called the British Middle-East Indian Sporting and Dining Club. It had old newspapers from places like Cairo and Calcutta. They were collecting signatures for a petition for the building not to be demolished but to be declared a historical monument. Graham Leonard signed it as the Bishop of Truro, and wrote his comments in Cornish.

    The Queen’s Tavern, built as a gentlemen’s club in 1894, is one of Durban’s few remaining links to its colonial past. It is also the oldest licensed premises in the city. It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 23 December 1983.

    The original portion of Queen’s Tavern, built in 1894, consisted of a foyer with a pressed steel ceiling, a billiard room, a smoking room, a staff room and several out buildings. In 1903 a committee room and kitchen was added and the billiard room enlarge The Queen’s Tavern which originally operated as a gentlemen’s club, is, as far as can be ascertained the oldest licensed premises in Durban as the licence dates back to 1894. This building, often described a bastion of a forgotten era, is one of Durban’s Type of site: commercial Previous use: restaurant. Current use: other: music hall. From CBD take Filed Street north, becomes Umgeni Rd. Turn left into Argyle Rd and shortly left again. Built as a gentlemen’s club in 1894, this is one of Durban’s few remaining links with the colonial past.

  4. Graeme
    | Reply

    Hi Mike, I assume the building still there??…..when you say current use, other, what do you mean. Are there plans to flatten it. ?? Interesting for me as my forefathers used to frequent the place according to my family members who are still around.

  5. Mike
    | Reply

    Hi Graeme,
    I believe the building is still there. Was there a few months ago when I passed by. Unbelievable as it may sound it appears to now be a “cash converters shop”!. If you go to the FAD Facebook , there is a section on the building with a bit more info. As far as I know there is no plan to flatten the building, but as we know nothing is cast in concrete in the new SA, even though it is a National Monument (1983). ( click on the Facebook sign at the top right of this page).
    Hope this helps. Regards.
    P.S. The following link has got a lot of the history posted on it :


  6. Ricky Muller
    | Reply

    We opened our Cash Converters franchise in what was the rear of the building about ten years ago. We were not allowed to touch the old bar Area. I remember eating at the Queens Tavern before it was closed. In fact we purchased the old dresser from the dining room area it is loved and cherished by our family to this day. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers the Queens Tavern as a restaurant.

    • Rod

      I was on a Lux Air flight to Jo’Berg on my first visit to South African in summer in 1987[winter in SA] . A couple from Durban and many others insisted that I visit the restaurant for great Indian food. In fact, it was my first Indian food experience. If I remember the restaurant had a 4 foot high trolley of condiments [I have never experienced this since] and the food was great.

      Can you confirm this is the restaurant? I thought it was called the British East India Restaurant.

      What I really remember was hope and positivity in the future that everyone on the flight. Best flight I’ve every had. I remember after going to the restaurant I got my Jeep stuck on a beach at 4 am in the morning as the tide was coming in and luckily a fisherman had rope to pull me free.

      I have since returned to SA in 2011 hoping to find the restaurant but couldn’t remember the correct name until now. Have you every thought of trying to reopen the restaurant? This week I will go to the library to find an old 1986 Fodor’s South Africa which had a review of the restaurant. Anyone have an old menu?

  7. Sharon
    | Reply

    Used to go regularly to the British Middle-East Indian Sporting & Dining Club when we lived in Durban in the late 1970’s. Excellent curries…..and we always had a glass of sherry in the bar before eating. Very fond memories of this restaurant.

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