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My apologies to those who posted comments in the past few days and did not see them appear on the blog until now. I had an issue whereby my computer could not connect to the Internet but a new WiFi card has fixed the problem and normal service is resumed.

Please get in touch if you still don’t see a comment you posted.

Bob Gooderson has written in to ask the following:

Hi Allan
Does anybody have pictures of the finalists of the Miss South Africa Competition of 1968 when a Durban girl Patsy Goswell came third and I think 1970 when Durban’s Monica Fairall came first?

I see there are pictures of quite a few winners from the 1960s here but no runners-up, unfortunately. In another query, Suzette Stoltz asks if anyone knows people who worked at the Roxy Cinema in 1960/61. A long shot but you never know.

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