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Reader Hennie Heymans is asking for information and pictures on the Borough/City Police. He wrote:

I am Hennie Heymans, born and bred in Durban – joined the SA Police (1964) graduated at UND (1969) and for my sins was transferred to Pretoria – saw the whole country and great parts of the world BUT never came back to Durban – the nearest was about 18 months in PMB.
I am the editor of the Nongqai an on-line police & national security magazine and “History Without Malice.” I am very interested in the history of Durban and also more specifically in the Durban Borough Police and the Durban City Police. I am also very interested in the African Police who served in Durban – the so-called “Black Jacks” of the Durban Corporation.
I am looking for photos of all the old Borough Police stations – some are mentioned in Rev Jewell’s book (a history of the force) but I find no photos. The Water Police was founded by the Durban Borough Police and in 1894 the Natal Police took over and in the 1920 the Borough Police again took over for a while.
Anyway when I have completed my research I would like to share it with you and your readers. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. If any readers have anecdotal history they are welcome to share with me.
Leave a comment if you know anything or email to the address on the Contact Page.
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  1. Huida Shenker
    | Reply

    Good day Hennie, I am doing some research on Samuel Shenker (nickname Jack) and have very little to go on. Apparently he was a member of the Durban Borough Police. I was wondering if you came across him in your research that you can share with me.

  2. Nic
    | Reply

    Hi All,

    I am doing a little research and would like to get hold of some references Jack Jewell makes reference to in his history of the Durban Police.
    Does anyone have his contract details or know if he is still with us?


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