Bill Buchanan

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Former Natal Newspapers colleague Greg Arde has been in touch to say that he is working with the local ward councillor to preserve the Burman Bush conservation area. He’s looking for information about Bill Buchanan who apparently gifted the land to the city and also donated the land for the council flats and the Bill Buchanan aged care facility in the same area. Please drop me a line at the address on the contact page or leave a comment below.

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  1. George Muller
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    As a journalist on The Daily News, Durban in the 1960s or -70s, I met Bill when he was a member of the Durban City Council. He was then known for his work to provide care for the elderly. At the time the home had not been built, as I recall.
    In conversation he told me he had been educated at my old school, SACS, Cape Town. Later when I was editor of the SACS Old Boys newsletter I wished to write about him but never got around to it.
    I would still like to learn about him and his efforts that resulted in the home that commemorates him. The website gives no details about its history or its founder.
    I would be grateful for information.

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