Alan Brooker R.I.P.


Alan Brooker 25/11/1942 – 26/3/2019.

There is mention in the Cookie Look post on this site of Alan Brooker being the leader of a well known 1960’s Durban rock group called The Knights. Sadly on Saturday, I attended his funeral. Alan passed away after a long sickness. He was well known amongst the musos in Durban and post this for general information. Below is the link to the Cookie Look posting.

I managed to down load images of a Parlophone LP that the band produced. I noted that an old friend of mine Billy Gaugain was the drummer for the group. I knew Billy through the Durban Regiment and if my memory serves me correct he played for a band called A Group called Blue. The Knights consisted of Alan as Lead and Vocalist, Paul Janssen and Dennis Scott-Williams guitarists and Billy, drummer.

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  1. Frank Beeton
    | Reply

    Sad news, Gerald. Alan worked for many years at Bothners in West Street (next to Payne Bros.) where those of us with an interest in music shopped for instruments, equipment, records and sheet music. It was also something of a gathering place for muso’s to chat and try out the latest equipment. RIP Alan.

  2. Angela Morrison
    | Reply

    Alan Brooker and the Knights played at the jive sessions in Watterson hall many years ago those were happy days

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