Aimee Lykes

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Now here’s a real treat for all you Durban fans. Angela Romain saw our post on the Aimee Lykes which ran aground on the Aliwal Shoal in 1964 and had some movie footage and stills of the vessel shot by her parents John and Meradel Romain during a visit to Durban. She quickly put the images together in a movie for our pleasure and I was the second person to view it. Who’ll be next?

I remember those days very well when you could walk right up to edge of the dry dock to see what was on going on and I can still get a bit of a cold shiver just thinking about it. Driving round the docks was our favourite Sunday afternoon pastime and I wouldn’t be surprised if we went to to see the Aimee Lykes in dock too.

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  1. Bob Carter
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    Wonder what happened to the captain?

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