Durban’s St Joseph’s Churches

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Gerald Buttigieg has added some new material to his 2013 page on Durban’s St Joseph’s Churches.



St Joseph’s in its various guises (schools and churches) has been a very popular topic on this website and is mentioned in many different pages and posts. One such post is a picture sent in by Bianca Lawrence which resulted in a storm of reader interest. There are many others, however, and I urge you to use the site search to track them all down.

At last I have a picture of Durban’s first St Joseph’s Church which stood on the corner of Broad and West Streets. It was “dismantled” and reassembled at the site in Greyville which the Catholic Church had bought. Note the similarity of the bell tower to that of the present Cathedral. The selling of the site on which this Church stood was used to finance the building of the Cathedral.

St Joseph's Church West Street Durban

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