Electric Cinema

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Mikhail Peppas sent in this scan of an article he wrote¬†in 2009 on the Electric Cinema, Durban’s first cinema. Mikahil lectures in journalism and is an historian interested in cinema. Click the thumbnail below to view an enlargement.

The Electric Cinema. Article courtesy Mikhail Peppas.
The Electric Cinema. Article courtesy Mikhail Peppas.
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  1. Gerald Buttigieg
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    I had another look at this thread and realised that the actual location of the cinema is not given bar that it was in West Street. Looking at the picture provided, the building on the left, all lit up is the Hotel Cecil which was a private hotel. I assume “private” meant it was more like a boarding house with no bar on the premises as opposed to a public hotel.
    Hotel Cecil was situated at 14 West Street (left hand side facing the sea ) so the Electric Theatre, the small building on the right in the picture, was close to where the present Beach Hotel stands today. To be a bit more precise, if those that know Durban, where the boutique Zut was located. Hotel Cecil still operated in 1938 and I got this info from the 1938 Durban Directory. Looking at the picture it must have been a very small cinema but then those were pioneering days.

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