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A quick query on behalf of Shalendra Ramadhar. Does anyone know anything about an Indian bus company called Southbound Transport Co.? Please contact me if you do.

I have had a very interesting submission from my informant Graham Read on his uncle, Eddie Londal. Eddie joined the post office in Durban as a telegraph messenger in 1917 and later became a telegraphist. The page does also touch on Eddie’s career outside of Durban but it is very interesting.

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    Hi Shalendra, here is a posting that I put up some years ago:

    “I have just seen the request in FAD for information on Southbound Transport .

    I can tell you that I had some contact with them around 1974/75. There were twelve brothers named Ramanand who lived with their families in one huge house at Isipingo near the railway station and ran one bus on a route, I think, in the Clairwood/Jacobs area. The bus was an underfloor-engined Leyland Worldmaster with bodywork built by Bobby’s Coach Works of Clairwood.

    I was working for Lawson’s Autodiesels in Umgeni Road at the time, and tried, unsuccessfully, to sell them a Volvo bus!

    By the way, anybody with an interest in Durban’s Indian Bus operators should try to get hold of the fascinating softcover book: “Indian Buses – The History, The Memories, The Personalities”, that has been written by Zainul Aberdeen, and published by Osborne Porter.”

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