How Durban celebrated the Coronation of Queen II in 1953.

I found this booklet relating to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth amongst my collection of Durban odds and ends. It consists of 36 pages and covers the Queen’s life and the Coronation ceremony and regalia. The contents of the book were written by Miss Pauline Linfield, a Durban girl working in Fleet Street, London. It was edited and compiled by Mr T.S. Meehan (probably Tom Meehan of SABC Radio). The cover portrait was by Karsh of Ottawa. I have copied the cover as well as the Organising Committee and then the programme. Click on pages to enlarge.

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  1. John Taylor
    | Reply

    I see that one of the members of the Coronation Celebration Executive Committee was Mr. W. A. McIver (representing the Natal Education Department). Wilson “Wrinkles” McIver became headmaster of Durban High School in the early ’60’s and will be remembered by all old boys of that era. A strict disciplinarian who contributed greatly to upholding the high standards and reputation of the school, he was not one to move with the times and often appeared to be frozen in a previous time zone. Today’s liberal approach to education and school discipline would certainly not have suited him! RIP.

  2. Gillian Stokes
    | Reply

    I have two photographs of my late father as flagbearer for his squadron (navy) taken at Kingsmead during the coronation celebrations in Durban.Have not been able to find much written or pictorial information up until now.

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