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This section is designed to answer frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about how to use these new diary pages on FAD. You’re welcome to leave a comment or get in touch if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Two important things

  • The terms Diary and Blog mean the same thing for our purposes.
  • The terms Diary Entry and Blog Post mean the same thing for our purposes.

Accessing older posts

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the Older Posts link, and the system will display the previous 10 posts, and so on.
  • The Recent Posts listing at the top on the right-hand side of the page offers quick links to recent posts.
  • The Archive listing below Recent Posts allows you click a year or month and access the posts made in that period.

What to do if you can only see one post on your screen

Multiple posts are usually displayed but each post or entry actually has its own unique page, which you can display on purpose or by accident. Getting back to normal can usually be achieved by clicking the ‘Back’ button on your browser but, if that doesn’t work, you can select Diary from the navigation bar at the top of the page.


Visitors to the site can now comment on diary entries or on other comments. It’s very simple to leave a comment:

  • Click the ‘Leave a comment’ link at the bottom of the entry or comment you want to comment on.
  • Fill your name, email address, website, if you have one, and message.
  • Click the ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ tick box if you want to be notified when anyone responds  to your message.
  • Click Post Comment.


NOTE: Your comment will not appear instantly the first time you make one. First comments need to go through an approval process but, after that, the system should recognise you as one of the good guys and your comments should go up immediately.

Getting the RSS feed

You can subscribe to the Diary with any RSS-compatible feed reader. All you need to do is give your feed reader the address and it will take care of the rest for you.

Continue Reading

Some posts are too long to display on the main Diary page. You will see that the first paragraph of text is displayed with a Continue Reading link below it. Just click it to view the whole post.

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8 Responses

  1. derek austin
    | Reply

    I found a site where you can order a book called Legends of the tide. It is written about the Indian fishermen who fished off Addington beach. Go to this link.

  2. William Paterson
    | Reply

    Any information about how Durban coped with the Spanish Flu Pandemic which swept through Natal from Durban in 1918 and again – more drastically – in June 1919 as the Driedaesiekte? (It took just three days from infection to death). I seek colourful anecdotes rather than numbers (which I have already)

  3. MoiraKent-Brown nee Holtzkamp
    | Reply

    I am looking for information on the original roadhouse/restaurant at the Blue Lagoon in Durban. What it was called, when it closed down etc.

    • Gerald Buttigieg

      Hi Moira,
      I have no knowledge of when the original road house at Blue Lagoon was established but do recall it was there in the 1960s and it was called Blue Lagoon Tea Room. This is confirmed in the 1968 Durban Directory. It would have been this tearoom that provided the “service” of bringing orders to your car a la the Cuban Hat and the Nest. I do seem to recall that there was a type of hall adjacent but who owned this I have no idea. Maybe it was scout group or the Durban Corporation but they did have “sessions” there. The Flames and Gene Rockwell played there. Out of curiosity I checked the 1938 directory and the Blue Lagoon Tea Room existed then with the same telephone number! I have not been there for years so do not know if it still exists or when it closed down.

    • MoiraKent-Brown nee Holtzkamp

      Hi Gerald, I live in Durban and it certainly does not exist anymore. The whole of the Blue Lagoon area has had an upgrade and it was only when I came across a pic of the huge swan (which took us for rides) reminded me of the fantastic waffles and milkshakes we used to have at the tea room there whilst growing up. Got me thinking as to when it might have closed down or sold as I was away from Durban for 19 yrs. Thanks for your help. Gene Rockwell and The flames were also of my era!

  4. Rodney Coyne
    | Reply

    Mention of the Blue Lagoon Restaurant reminds me of a similar restaurant slightly upstream, adjacent to what used to be the model boat pond. I think that it was called ‘The Doll’s House’ and if I recall correctly it offered both drive-in and sit-down facilities. A large doll stood on either side of the entrance door. We went there quite often in the early fifties. I think that it closed round about 1960.

  5. Gerald Buttigieg
    | Reply

    Hi Rodney
    1938 Directory: Doll’s House Tea Garden Athlone Drive (between Umgeni Road and Blue Lagoon). No entry in 1968 directory.

  6. George Askew
    | Reply

    Rodney, are you related to Paddy?

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