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My informant Arthur Gammage, from ‘The Corporation’, has written in to ask if any reader has a picture of a statue missing from Medwood Gardens. He wrote:

There was a bronze sculpture of a little girl in Medwood Gardens, now missing, with a plaque in memory of the founder, A L Beviss. Would you do an enquiry for anyone who may have this photo please? The Local History Museum has no record.

Contact me here, if you can help. Thanks.

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  1. John Taylor
    | Reply

    A.L. Bevis (1897-1984) was the assistant director of the Durban Science Museum. Perhaps there will be some record of the statue there. Medwood Gardens was named after John Medley Wood who was the curator of the Botanical Gardens from 1882 – 1913.

  2. Allan Jackson
    | Reply

    We now have a picture which you can view here: https://www.fad.co.za/2013/11/09/medwood-statue/

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