Medwood statue

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A couple of years ago (2011 to be precise) we had a request from Arthur Gammage for a picture of a statue that went missing from Medwood Gardens. My informant Myles Bodill was in touch a little while ago with just such a picture. He wrote:

I was going through some old papers of my late father who died about 13 years ago. He had sent me a page torn out of a publication titled City of Durban / Stad Durban Communique dated July 1991. It was an article about a photography competition but featured a photo of some kids playing in Medwood Gardens. And the photo had a small pool and kneeling statue in it. It said “this small pool and it’s kneeling figure which commemorates Al Bevis, the man who founded the gardens in 1923.”

A.L Bevis was my dad’s granddad……….so my great granddad. Seeing the article again and in these current times of Google I went online but read that the gardens were actually founded by someone else………….. but in that search I saw your post stating that the statue had been stolen and asking if anyone had a photo of it.

Clipping courtesy Myles Bodill.
Clipping courtesy Myles Bodill.
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