Gordon Road Girls’ School

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Reader Patrick Coyne is currently working on a history of Gordon Road Girls’ School for its centenary next year and is calling for any information, stories and pictures that you might be able to contribute. Leave a comment by clicking the link below, or contact me at the the usual place, if you can help.

A reminder that search function on the site has been suspended but that you can still search it using the Google site itself. See here for how to do it.

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  1. Liz Finnie
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    Just want to say hi, I have just stumbled upon your great informative and friendly site. I was born in Durban and although I didn’t live there in the formal sense I spent many months annually visiting my Gran. I am doing family research and have questions to ask and contributions to make. Enjoyed the reminiscence of contributors and remember the days … But no time to stop now.

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