How the new diary works II

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Visitors to the site can now comment on diary entries or on other comments. It is a powerful and easy way for you to get involved in the site by answering people’s questions or throwing more light onto a topic raised in the diary. I am not known as the fastest responder in the world, so it would be quicker to leave a comment on a request for information, rather than e-mail it to me and wait. If you have a longer story on any subject to contribute to the site, you should still e-mail it to me.

NOTE: Your comment will not appear instantly the first time you make one. First comments need to go through an approval process but, after that, the system should recognise you as one of the good guys and your comments should go up immediately.

It’s very simple to leave a comment:

  • Click the ‘Leave a comment’ link at the bottom of the entry or comment you want to comment on.
  • Fill your name, email address, website, if you have one, and message.
  • Click the ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ tick box if you want to be notified when anyone responds  to your message.
  • Click Post Comment.


Why not practice by leaving a comment on this post? If you can’t think of anything to say, Hello would do.

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  1. Gerald Buttigieg
    | Reply

    Hi Allan,
    Good to see that FAD will be resurrected. It has laid low for some time now and it would be a great pity if it was just allowed to wither away. Here’s hoping the new venture to revive it takes off and that correspondents come streaming back with all their Facts about Durban, a great city.

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