Shirleen Gilbert too



The interior of Shirleen Gillbert’s Music Bar.


Friend of FAD Donald Davies previously contributed a page on his Aunt Shirleen Gilbert who owned a music shop in Plowright Lane together with her husband Llewellyn. Donald recently found some pictures relating to her and wonders if anyone can help identify the people in them. He wrote:

Whilst visiting my mother recently I came across an old photo album of my favourite Aunt Shirleen Gilbert. Shirleen and Llewellyn Gilbert resided at Glamis Court on the Berea and owned the Record Bar in PlowRight Lane, Durban Central. A number of Durban luminaries such as Prof. Mike Lang from UKZN and Rodney Harber the architect recalled her the and the Record Bar. I have attached some photo’s from the album and wondered if anyone from the Facts about Durban Website might know the persons in the photos.

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  1. R Lewis
    | Reply

    Around 1959 or earler, I remember Recorded Music Specialists and the familiar Gilbert name, in one of the Arcades. Any memories?

  2. Gerald Buttigieg
    | Reply

    HI Richard,
    There is a posting on FAD about Shirleen Gilbert. Try this link.


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