Tongaat locomotive

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Arthur Gammage has asked if anyone knows where the Tongaat Locomotive that used to stand in Bulwer Park is now or if you have a picture of it. Arthur tells me that Eric Lupke obtained permission from the Parks Department to remove the loco in order to restore it to running condition. Eric died not long after after his retirement from City Electricity Department and Arthur doesn’t know if the project was completed or what happened to the engine.

I’d also be very interested to hear what happened to the locomotive seeing that I spent countless hours playing on it on walks around Bulwer Park in my youth.

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  1. Gerald Buttigieg
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    I remember a steam roller there but not a locomotive. Would it have been one of those narrow gauge cane locomotives?

    • Allan Jackson

      Yes, it was a very small locomotive and similar to others I’ve seen for hauling cane.

  2. Gerald Buttigieg
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    A FB correspondent provided me with this photo of the Bulwer Park engine. It only shows a part of the loco but it was the only response.

    Bulwer Park loco

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