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I have just had a look at the site visitor figures over the past year. According to Google we have had an average of 4618 visitors who viewed an average of 11755 pages every month.

FAD Site Visitors 2017-2018

The average has been maintained for most of our 15 years of life and according to my admittedly sketchy mathematics, it means that there have been in the region of 2,116,065 page views in that time. It has been a major undertaking on the part of Gerald and myself for which I thank him most sincerely. He took care of things very ably while I was I was recovering from emigration and things would have ground to a halt without him.

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You might consider donating something to the cause if you appreciate the effort being put in. If there are enough donations we could scrap advertising on the site or you could buy a million copies of the third edition of the book; that would do it too.  😉

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  1. Gerald
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    Hi Allan,
    Those are pretty impressive figures and one does not realise the amount of interest in the site. I am pleased that I have a played a part in keeping the site alive and it has been quite enjoyable over the remarkable 15 years. Durban has an intriguing history and it is sad in a way that there seems to be a concerted effort to try and do away with it. However history is history and whether one likes it or not it will remain. Over the years I have made contact indirectly with a great number of people and there have been some pleasing resolutions to queries. I myself have benefitted through FAD of tracing my father’s last resting place in Australia! I think the topics I have written up have been generally enjoyed and brought back many memories for some. Personally I have expanded my knowledge of Durban tremendously. In the spirit of Durban’s motto, “Better fortunes follow a weak beginning” , here’s to the years ahead.


    • Allan Jackson

      Thanks Gerald. That reminds me there is a little outstanding matter between us. Your definitive history of the Durban telephone service is only, what, about 14.5 years outstanding… 😉

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