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  1. Gerald Buttigieg
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    Hi Peter
    Thanks for relating your memories. They do recall an era that has now passed never to be repeated. Slightly older than you (3 years), Durban did not change much in those years and traditions were passed on from year to year. I hope someone can name more of the class. It is sad to say that the Durban CBD, Beach Front , Esplanade etc no longer throb as they used to. Times have changed.

  2. Peter Grindley-Ferris
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    Thanks Gerald. I can still recall most names;
    Top row from left: Ignoring Ken Henson and myself, Gavin Whyte, Dave Dorrofield( I think), Graham Fogarty, Casper Marquis, Pat Healy, Donald Comrie. David Spencer.

    Middle Row: Third from left: Someone Meydal, Adolf Dicks, Louie Mazzouie, (sic), Alan Dawson, Keith Bydewell, Derek Gould, Daniel Gunther.

    Bottom Row. Roland Panzerra, Someone Hayden, Dudley Brickell, Lawrence Ridgeway, (Master Mike Maher who later became head master I believe), then 3rd from right is Richard Wilkins, deon Barnard and Peter Christian

    • Pam Meyer

      Hi Mike. You mentioned that you could post a short summary of Ducky Olivier’ remarklife. I could you send me the link of whatever you’ve posted. I would be very interested to read it.
      Kind regards

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    Fabulous trip down memory lane. Love the hairstyles

  4. Richard Holmes
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    Back row 4th from right- definitely Dave Dorrofield

  5. Peter Grindley-Ferris
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    Thanks Richard

  6. Mike
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    Hi Peter,
    What a wonderful précised piece about Durban during those times!. I read it a few times as I felt that I was there again.
    Two points really struck me that I feel I must comment on.
    Firstly, your mention of Pollys Lodge. Many folk stare blankly at me when I mention it, so thanks for the confirmation that I wasn’t hallucinating! I knew the Son, Kim, who told me that his Father was killed outside the Lodge, while trying to stop a fight. IMO the place made Smugglers look like a decent Family establishment.
    Secondly, your mention of the Gunston cars etc. I was lucky enough to attend one of their parties at the Beverly Hills, and sort of remember afterwards, sleeping on the beach near the lighthouse. A famous Durban “character” was JJ “ Ducky “ Olivier, who was the unofficial Mr Gunston at the time. . He was a real character, and if anybody is interested I can post a short summary of his quite remarkable life.
    Keep Well, Regards.

    • Allan Jackson

      Hi Mike
      Your memories of Ducky would be great but deserve their own separate post. Why don’t you send the stuff to me at the address on the contacts page and I’ll put it up.

    • Steve Olivier

      Hi, I’m Ducky’s eldest son, Steve. Can you get in touch? stephenchrisolivier@sky.com. Thanks.

    • Allan Jackson

      I’ve put Mike and Steve in touch with each other and we’ll hopefully get the Ducky story to put up one of these days.

    • Steve Olivier

      Thanks very much

    • Pamela Meyer

      A famous Durban “character” was JJ “ Ducky “ Olivier, who was the unofficial Mr Gunston at the time. . He was a real character, and if anybody is interested I can post a short summary of his quite remarkable life.

      Hi Mike
      The above refers-
      Have you posted the summary on Ducky Olivier yet? if so please send me the link.
      Pam Meyer

  7. Peter Grindley-Ferris
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    Thanks a lot Mike, for those kind words and input. I had thought there may have been some nasty business at Polly’s but as I could not remember exactly, I left it out.

    Am so damned chuffed this was published, my first foray into this type of thing and the response has been way beyond expectations . Putting it together was a hoot, jogging the old memory. It s funny how one wants to re-connect with one’s past the older one is.

    If possible, I would welcome a chance to keep in touch anyway, swop stories about early SA in general, army, travels etc.

  8. D Austin
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    Peter thanks for the interesting item. If you look on the FAD index I have written my story of growing up in Woodlands. I lived in Alamein avenue across the road from the Full Gospel church which is on the corner of Norwich and Alamein avenue. There was a chap Kenny Turner with an Anglia hotted up who used to race around Alamein avenue and Halifax road. I think he lived in Rolleston place. Do you remember Old Bill from Woodlands? They say he was shell shocked from WW2, he would walk from the valley to Jabula stores which was in South Coast road to buy his smokes and then walk back again. He could travel on busses etc for free. He had a disc round his neck which allowed free travel.

  9. Peter Grindley-Ferris
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    Hi Derek
    The street names you mention do bring back some memories, especially cnr of Norwich and Alamein. You may know of the Watts brothers, (Frank, Malcolm and Graham) who styed at 53 Norwich. These guys are my cousins, it was their home where we first stayed when my family arrived from the Transvaal. Frank was the game guide featured in the video clip that went viral called Kruger Battles.
    Don’t know the other names you mention unfortunately. I do recall the annual soap box derby, that went down a long hill from the traffic circle where Kenyon Howden met the other roads.
    Thanks for your comment, you name is somehow vaguely familiar.
    Cheers and all the best

  10. greg dale
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    I think the chap 2nd from the left in the middle row is Terry Blakey,he became CSM of 15 Maint.Unit at Lords Grounds.

  11. Peter Grindley-Ferris
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    Thanks Greg

    Now that you mention it, you are bang on.

  12. Graham Starke
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    Hi Peter,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your piece on Durban in the old days.
    There are many similarities between the 2 of us.
    I grew up in Witbank and my wife in Middelburg.
    I too was a career banker having joined Barclays Bank in Margate in 1971.
    Like you ,my first car was also an Anglia !!
    My career took me to Johannesburg,Cape Town,back to Johannesburg and then to Durban.
    We are now happily retired and living in Sheffield Beach on the north coast of KZN.

  13. Peter Grindley-Ferris
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    Thanks Graham, really great to hear from you. One of my pals here is a Barclays guy, Rodney Brickell. He was at Natal Bank Branch in Durban, then in JHB somewhere.

    My wife and I spent a wonderful few days at the Holsboer Fund’s Ocean Villa complex at Umhlanga Rocks in April 2016. They used to be for Nedbank staff but now open to the public, Swam in the surf, the first time in about 30 odd years. It really made me verlang.

    I would welcome remaining in touch, sharing stories.
    All the best.

  14. Peter Grindley-Ferris
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    Hi again Graham

    I omitted to mention that another friend here is also a Barclays fellow, Ian Norman. He was at one of the Hillbrow branches and then in JHB proper.

  15. Arthur Gammage
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    Thankyou Peter for your notes about Wentworth Government Village. Please see my submission under the topic “Bluff” and some responses.

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