Durban’s Milk Marathon

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Mike Kamionka has sent in this picture of a certificate that was handed out on completing¬† Durban’s Milk Marathon. The certificate border showing the route has been filled in by Jock Leyden, the noted cartoonist who worked for the Daily News for many years. If you look closely you will see how observant and clever he was at his art. When one looks at the poor quality of cartooning in the KZN papers of today, one realises how good Leyden actually was.

I recall the Milk Marathon but my only memory of it was going down to Kings Park Stadium one Sunday (I think) to watch some friends coming in.  My memory of distance conversion was 5 miles equals 8 kilometres.

Milk Marathon CertClick on certificate to enlarge.

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    I ran my first milk marathon in Chatsworth in my teens. There was only two clubs called Lions and Tigers. This marathon was organized by the Late Mr Rajbansi. I still remember running with runner like Anand Govender and Ramsumar and another runner first name Harry something. First marathon ever organized.

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