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I have had a a request from Vic Davies at Wits for help in tracking a copy of a book written by a researcher at the Natal Sharks Board. Vic has an idea the author was Tim Wallace (or Wallet) and the book was called something like Sharks and Shark Attacks. Anyone who can help with the correct author/title, or even a copy of the book, is asked to get in touch by clicking Contact Us, above.

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  1. Allan Jackson
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    I have heard from a couple of readers about this book including from Mark Billingham and Gerald Buttigieg. The details are:

    SHARK ATTACK and Treatment of Victims in Southern African Waters
    Author; Tim Wallett
    Publisher; Macdonald Purnell
    Printers; Cape & Tranvaal Printers (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town
    ISBN 0 86843 018 8
    First printed in 1978.

    • Gerald Buttigieg

      Hi Allan
      I was at the Farmers’ Market today at Shongweni and looking at the books at the SPCA stand there was a book Shark and Shark Attacks by Dr David Davies. I think he was a director of the Shark Board. The book was only R50 and I nearly bought it but then was not sure if that is what Vic wanted. I doubt whether the book sold today so if necessary I could make enquiries for Vic. FWIW.

    • Allan Jackson

      Hi Gerald
      Vic confirmed that isn’t the book he was looking for but he sent his thanks for your effort.

  2. Bianca Lawrence
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    Part of my job is tracking down obscure books. There are two copies for sale at this location

    I used to visit the Sharks Board a lot as a student and remember a scientist working there called Walter Pople. Anyone know what happened to him?

    • Derek Austin

      Bianca I am looking for a book called stories from the Karkloof hills if you come across one.

  3. Bianca Lawrence
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    Hi Derek,

    I have been keeping an eye out for this book. One came up for sale for R95 here


  4. Frank Reardon
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    Bianca I found this Facebook profile for Walter.
    He was a close friend of the family when I was a child.

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