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Jon Eiselin wrote in with a query on the the tidal pool at Brighton Beach:

Searching the internet to find some background information on the tidal pool at Brighton Beach near Cave Rock for a blog, I came across your e-address.

So this is why I’m writing you, to ask whether you might know more about this beautiful spot, which I last visited in 2008.

The questions I have are:

When was the pool commissioned, by whom, who built it, when, why at that specific location (when there was a stinky whaling factory just around the corner), its size, was it named after anyone in particular, would you perhaps have a picture of the pool in its days of glory or any other remarkable facts?

Any answers or further recommendations will be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Jon Eiselin.

Anyone who can help with a picture or details is welcome to contact me direct or leave a comment below. I wonder if the pool was the result of a public works project (amphitheatre for e.g.) built during the depression?

8 November 2013: This question has been resolved. See this entry in the diary.

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  1. Andre Martinaglia
    | Reply

    Thank you for the info! Could you supply more information and references in regard to the Tidal Pool at Brighton Beach, built by the Italian Prisoners of War?

    • Allan Jackson

      Hi Andre
      It seems that the POWs had nothing to do with the pool which was apparently built in 1938. See here for for details.

    • Andre Rive

      Gee thanks Allan, I was given the wrong info which I took to be correct for so many years.

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