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My informant Mike Thomas reminded me that he made some requests for info in his contribution which I published here a while ago. He wants to know if anyone knows of his friend Richard Seidle (son of the Lady in White) and the name of the runner-up in the 1961 Miss South Africa who won a trip on Mike’s ship, City of Durban, as part of her prize.

A look at Wikipedia reveals that the lady in question was probably either Marlene Boyes or Rita Rheeder but I would appreciate hearing if anyone has news of Richard.

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  1. Peter
    | Reply

    I think that Richard Siedle was in the shipping business in Durban, also had a brother.
    This goes back to the 60’s/70’s . I think he worked at Unicorn Grindrod Group in those
    days. Perhap you can approach one of the current directors at the group as he may have some memorabilia on the Siedle’s. When my sister was born in 1939 in Durban,
    my parents named her Perla, after the Lady in White. Sadly, she passed away from whooping cough at the age of 3 months or so.

  2. Jan Baaij
    | Reply

    Richard and his brother Court managed King and Sons including Durban Lines for the Mosenthal family.When Unicorn bought the company they did not stay long afterwards.I last heard of Richard years ago, he lived in Umhloti,just north of Durban

  3. David H Overton
    | Reply

    A Richard Siedle was at school in Durban with me, first at DPHS in the late 1940s, then at DHS in the 1950s. I heard that he moved to Cape Town some time after leaving school, and the I lost track of him.

  4. Michael J Thomas
    | Reply

    After a lapse of ca 57 years since I last was in Durban as 2nd Off on the Ellerman Line’s MV”City of Durban” I’m returning (sadly for only 29hrs!) on the Cruise Liner (as a passenger) MV”Saga Pearl II”‘s (and probably my) final voyage.
    I’m still hoping to contact my old friend Richard Siedle last known to me as residing at PO Box 109 Ulmhioti Rocks in the 70/80’s when we set up “Africa Feeder Line” with a Seaco Deckship. He also founded “Zalbroker” and Zambezi Africa Line” – great fun days but now all names lost in the distant past! Please contact me if anyone can update me re his current
    whereabouts etc Many thanks: Mike Thomas

  5. Gerald Buttigieg
    | Reply

    Hi Michael
    I am sending you an email.

  6. Mike Thomas
    | Reply

    Firstly, I want to thank both your good self and those of your devoted subscribers who kindly responded the the whereabouts of my friend Richard Siedle. I’m delighted to tell you that resulting from your input we’ve now re-established contact and after a lapse of some 40+ years we are meeting again when I visit Durban next March.
    Secondly,(a very long shot I know researching the Durban shipping press etc!) but were you ever successful or have any further thoughts in identifying which (if either ?) of the two ladies you suggested could have been the “Runner-up” in the Miss South Africa Contest who was (with her chaperone – think they came from either Pietermaritzburg or Bloemfontein) given a free cruise on Ellerman Line’s MV”City of Durban” (with all the attendant publicity) from Durban to LM, Beira and back in 1961 ? Meanwhile, my kind rgds & many thanks again to both you and your numerous erudite contacts – from a very appreciative. Mike Thomas

    • Allan Jackson

      Hi Mike. You’re welcome and, of course, we’d like to hear if any memories are brought back to the surface when you catch up with Richard.

  7. Mike Thomas
    | Reply

    Thanks Allan – will co! Mike

  8. Alex Solomon
    | Reply

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Wynn Siedle – the family lived in Currie Rd, Durban – Wynn attended Clifton Preparatory School – I remember they left S Africa – I think for the UK probably in the late 50’s

  9. david overton
    | Reply

    Hi Mike Thomas, can you please give me Richard’s contact details? I’d like to make contact with him. My email is:

  10. Bruce
    | Reply

    Richard lives in Umdloti Beach and is very well known due to his decades of contribution and dedication to the area.

  11. Vanessa Siedle
    | Reply

    I am Richard’s niece. He now lives in Howick. Wynn still lives in Durban.

  12. Alex
    | Reply

    Wow!! Wynn lives in Durban!! He was my best friend in Currie Rd!! We were keen competitors on our scooters down Currie Rd. Please let me have Wynns email address … would be a “hoot” to connect after all these years.
    Alex Solomon

  13. Jan Baay
    | Reply

    I sailed for Durban Lines in the 60s when Richard was managing director there

  14. Jack Williams
    | Reply

    Does anyone know the where bouts &/or contact details for Richard Seidle ???

    I knew the ‘ Seidle ‘ family well when I worked in S.Africa attached to their ship agency

    Now retired in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

  15. Mike Thomas
    | Reply

    Richard and I worked together in 84/85 when he was President (and I was Executive Vice President) of East Africa Feeder Line.
    I last met and lunched with him whilst calling at Durban in March 2019. Shortly afterwards he relocated to Unit 3809 St. John’s Village, Postbag X12, Howick 3290, KZN
    His Email Address was/is?

  16. Jack Williams
    | Reply

    Hi Mike
    Thanks v much 4 yours – appreciated
    I’ll reach out to Richard , that is assuming he remembers me from the late ‘60’s / early 70’s
    I was Orient Overseas Line / CT Tung Owner’s rep for Africa & King & sons were my agents but I was transferred to Seattle in 1972
    V best
    Tried e-mailing U but it bounced back twaic

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