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  1. Doug Fairall
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    I seem to remember that the dairy by Earl Haig road was called Swales dairy

    • Gerald Buttigieg

      Hi Doug,
      There is a thread here on FAD covering the dairies in Durban. Swales Dairy is given as being in Valley View Road in the 1938 Durban Directory. There were quite a few dairies in that area and one must remember Earl Haig Road did not exist in 1938.

  2. Doug Fairall
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    Does anyone remember the Burman drive hillclimb, the Snell parade races and the Stamford Hill aerodrome?
    Who had a drink at the “Stamfie” hotel in Umgeni road?

  3. Keith Titmuss
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    Hello Doug, there is a brilliant description of the races along Snell Parade on FAD. search Fairfield handicap.

  4. Malcolm Bailey
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    I can certainly recall, as a car-mad school boy, the last three Burman Drive Hill Climbs – and the feeling of loss when the council cancelled the venue, as I recall, due to comlaints of noise from the residents of the Bill Buchanan old age home just below the start line. This was well before the days of health and safety: it was possible to get up close to the cars and competitors – and enjoy the heady mix of methanol and castor from the pre-war cars and bikes.

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