Getting old

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I must be getting old. This is the first time I’ve been convinced I’ve done something on the site and discovered I haven’t. This story goes back a while to 2010 when my informant David Vickery sent in some of his memories of the Cookie Look era and mentioned visiting the Four Seasons Hotel where he enjoyed listening to a singer who he thought had been called Maxine.

Turns out that it was Maxine Lemarr and I heard from her fairly recently and that is where my memory let me down. I felt sure that I added her remarks to the site but today I discovered I hadn’t and I have fixed that. See her remarks on her career here. She also wrote:

Thank you for going to so much work putting together such a great website.  I still have much to read – it is so interesting and also humorous. I hope you are well.  I wish you all the very best.
With regards and gratitude
Maxine Lemarr.

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