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Here’s a cool advert sent in by my informant Lorna Thomopoulos. I must confess I don’t remember Lee Men Ltd or Tiles, but the guys look cool anyway.

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    • Roger de la Motte

      Hey Cheryl
      Went to Beachwood with the Pavids. Went to Tiles plenty. Journey’s end every time they were playing there.

    • neil G

      yea i remember him, family of jewellers

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    The Leemen Limited played at THE SESSIONS AT JOURNEYS END DURBAN NORTH sometimes….

    I also remember MERVYN GERSHANOV FROM THE MODS..heard that he lives in Paris ………………………………….

    my memory has the name ROWAN RASSMUSSEN who was a singer in a band also paying at the Journesy end Durban North..

    • Mervin Gershanov

      Hi Cheryl, I must say I was surprised to come across your post. I did live in Paris for 14 years but have been back in SA since 1991. Keep well.

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    I loved the NEWMAN WONDERBAND…I was head over heels in love with DERECK DRAIN THE IRISH SINGER……….we had a interesting time….

    they then became BALLYHOO ……………………..

    There was also GERRY in the shades of Green, bit of a bore but I do remember him
    and PENDULAM……still ahve a seven single that I dont want…..anyone collect them???…………….

    I am in London….2000- now

    I loved music and so loved BANDS……………………..I still love music…….

    One Durabn man made it big in KISS in teh USA………

    PAUL DITCHFIED AND EDDIE EKSTEEN WERE IN A BAND……THEY ARE STILL IN S.A…………………..my mother did make trousers for Paul……..

    • Allan Jackson

      I think Paul Ditchfield and Eddie Eksteen played in the Bats. They did a concert in near my then home in Hillcrest a few years ago. I should think they’re still going.


      yes, you are right, the BATS and a few years ago I found PAUL on facebook and mailed him…..he did answer.
      My sister Brenda was one of his girlfirends for a while, so he came to out flat on North Beach often…..
      My Mother made his trousers , bell bottoms….
      about 1972…….

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    on Tuesday 8th May 2012 I will be at an auction in London, selling 4 rare beatle dolls
    which were won in Durban on radio in about 1964.
    I have already been filmed at the London Zoo discussing the SET OF 4. If only we knew to keep all our stuff on the Beatles, they are so wanted.
    I attended HARD DAYS NIGHT s many tiems at the REX CINEMA in Durban North
    dressed in a BEATLE DRESS dress with the badges with Yvonne and others!!!
    I lived in Harcourt Place and went to Chelsea Drive School/Northlands Girls.

    BANDS……It was Trevor who was/is in KISS massive in the USA..HE DID WELL.
    BAND: Damian I heard still plays Irish music – he had a brother
    BAND Michael Ferguson still plays (ex Newman Wonderband)

    I have photo of Dereck Drain playing on stage.

    • Chalkie Govender

      Hi Cheryl,
      If you are referring to Trevor Rabin, he went on to play for the band called Yes. He used to be in the band called Rabbitt .in South Africa.

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    the dolls never reached their estimate..pity….dont need to keep these things anymore,
    no room and I have had them for years………………….ned to live a simple life in London.

  6. JOHN
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    • Rodney

      Our family lived in Durban North from 1956 to the 1970’s and were also regular clients of the Rex, so maybe you ushered us at times in between cocktails. You mention ‘The Bell’ – can you throw any light on whether this was named the Montfleury before becoming The Bell Inn? Prior to the construction of the Montfleury Hotel it was the Whynotte Tearoom of fond memories.

    • neil G

      can you remind me the names of the serials before the main film. one was Dr Marlowe and the scorpion, but what was the name of it. another wad a flash gordon type film. this was at the time Pops with no fingers was the doorman tearing tickets

  7. cheryl watson
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    hello.oh yes with a torch
    I lived in Harcourt Place pity my Mom and Dad divorced and we went to tEllis park

    I have a friend called YVONNE BEDFORD….I still know her she was also at the REX and I am in contact with .A GIRL IN IRELAND that had a brother that always went to the REX WITH BRIAN WHEELER…….

    Those bottles were from the fire and thanks for the name of café-my MOTHER DAPHNE WATSON did things like that.

    THE BELL was what we called the bar inside the hotel.

    I lived in Umhlanga Rocks Drive 39a SCHOOL Northlands
    WAS THE Montelfleury Hotel as Cecil had a name for it (slang)
    Tearoom rings a bell… supermarket on the corner and a tearoom facing the field
    I used to buy peppermint crisp ice creams in the tea room opposite the park.

    I was 2nd in MISS PARKHILL in 60’s……………..and swam AT THAT POOL.
    Durban north club…THINK GREEN colour….

  8. cheryl watson
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    I saw SPIDER on facebook, he was always around on a motor bike and then a mini
    he was also in MUSIC spider Murch……..I did send him a message but he did not answer (it was 1965???)

    MEL MEL AND JULIAN-went on a date with Julian!!!!strange….THEY WERE POPULAR IN THE DAYS -Umhlanga Rocks Hotel.-beachfront

  9. cheryl watson
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    I wonder IF ANYONE COLLECTS SIGNATURES of people that played at the PLAYHOUSE

    I met GEORGE McRay and I have his signature
    I met Realistics on that night as well and have 2 signatures
    I cant find any fan club here in London as I would like them to go to a good home.COLLECTOR…they are not worth “money” he was one of the first black singers to come to S.A………….AND I REMEMBER London 1974 AND HIM PLAYING ON RADIO………

  10. Bob Gooderson
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    Hi Rodney
    In march of 1976 I purchased the lease on the Bell Inn and owned and ran it until the building was changed in 1990. I purchaed it from Tony Bird who at the time also owned Milner TV in Cowey Road. I think Tony changed the name from Montfleury to the Bell Inn to refect the character he had tried to create. When I purchased in 1976 Keith Steel was the manager and he worked with me until he bought Gradwells. Keith subsequently married my youger daughter, Barbara. Today they live near Gloucester.
    The bee was the ‘place to be’ for after work and evening drinks for years.

  11. cheryl WATSON TEBBUTT
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    that name rings a bell for the LONSDALE HOTEL ON THE BEACHFRONT
    one of the GOODERSONS crowned me in the mISS LONSDALE COMPETITION

  12. cheryl WATSON TEBBUTT
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    REX CINEMA: Durban North

    I Met up with a friend I had not seen for 47 years SALLYNEE FORDAM!!
    Do you remember LINDSAY FORDAM? he was always at the REX WITH BRIAN WHEELER…………..Lindsey lives in LONDON, his sister SALLYANN lives in Ireland.
    1960s . Yvonne Bedford lives in HILLCREST NATAL.

    • Paddy Browning

      Hi Cheryl. Your last name, Tebbutt (is that your maiden name?), is ringing a bell from my Durban North days. The Brownings (all eight of us – 6 children, three boys/three girls) lived in Danville avenue, number 23, for approx’ 17-years (late 1950’s to mid 1970’s).

      Brian Wheeler was a neighbour, a lot older than me (closer in age to Terry, my older brother). Brian lived near to the “bottom end” of Danville avenue, close to the Virginia “circle” and on the opposite side from number 23, with his much younger step brother Pierre Barnard and Pierre’s younger sister, Angelique.

      Pierre often raided Brian’s “glass bottle” (while Brian was at work) which was kept in Brian’s clothes cupboard and which was always fill to the brim with coppers and silver coins (half cents, 1 cents, tickies, five cents, etc). We’d (Pierre, me, Clive Bradshaw) then go and spend the money at the Virginia tea-room, or the fish and chip shop or at the biltong shop, located in the small shopping complex at the foot of Mackeurtan Drive, directly abutting the Virginia circle.

      The Fordham’s were well known in the Danville neighbourhood – Lindsay was close, in age, to my brother Terry and I know Terry has many memories of that era, the days of the ducktails and hell’s angels.

      The Rex was our favourite bioscope hangout on Saturday afternoons, during the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, with the hurling of toilet rolls and other items at the screen, accompanied with whistling – at least until the opening credits were over (it felt like many minutes before the racket subsided).

      Spooky (Brian and Lindsay would have many stories to tell about this chap) was a regular at the Rex, a heavy drug user and a living example of “your parents worst nightmare”, at least in terms of his truly spooky looks, white long hair and a ghoulish visage!

      Robbie Paverd and Terry, my older brother, knew each other well – Robbie lived close Danville Park Girls School, in Middlebrook avenue. My parents were also well acquainted with the Paverd family. Robbie’s dad/parents owned Robbie Paverd Jewellers, as I’m sure you know.

      Thanks for sharing the news on days of yore, truly a fun-filled golden age, in many respects for me and many of the people I grew up with.

    • cheryl watson

      hello….so many names I do remember……………..in that area
      lee millar used to fly plance at Virginia Airport her father was a pharmacist…(first lady to fly)

      Joanne,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..long hair worked with me at a RESTURANT near the beach…(Coastlands)……….

      I have just MET SALLY ANNE FORDAM AGAIN..we have had lunch 2 x. I am in London and she is in KENMARE IRELAND
      AND SEWS QUILTS……………..Lindsay lives here in EALING AS DO HIS KIDS…………….

      DAVID BOTTERIEL from Beachwood is in Wimbledon….I HAVE MET HIM FOR COFFEE………
      THANKS FOR ALL…….the names etc….MISS s.a. SO MUCH

    • cheryl watson


      I used to like MICHAEL CHARLTON JONES….pity he went to the navy and I met this other guy, much to the horror of all my friends…left him in 1970!! and stayed with YVONNE
      BEDFORD THEN whamppach NOW married again Hillcrest.

      Do you remember DUNCAN BANNERMAN -he diedofcancerlong time ago. I am still Friendswith PENNY BANNERMAN his sister……(Beachwood)she livesin Cape Town.

      sorry if I repeat things…..I do this.!!!..I went to NATAL ART SCHOOL………………..wish I had of gone on…but things went wrong…….Yvonne was mad about Brian Wheeler…he was crazy!

    • cheryl watson

      you will find SALLY ANNE FORDAM ON FACEBOOK….
      she lived in France for a long time…..

    • Roger de la Motte

      I know every single person you mention in this post. I hung out with the McClellands then, Robbie Sharon and Shaun. Brian Wheeler was big buddies with Robbie. Lindsay Forham, spook Bailey. Good memories

    • neil Gould

      i remember spooky. wot ever happened to him

    • Pat

      OH yes Spooky Balis I remember him and his brother. Used to ice skate together. The good old days. I also remember the evening we used to hang around the Rex and Jerneys End. I used to hang around with Gillian Hall and Lorraine Wright her dad was Tiger Wright. Any one know where she is? Gillian and my self are still friends since 1963. Regards Pat

  13. John
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    I remember “Spooky” ! Wow , a blast from the past.
    I recall once when fishing at Durban harbour, he jumped into the water to save a small dog.

    • cheryl watson

      spooky..used to drive a mini???..crazy thin MAN………….he used to break into PHARMACIES FOR DRUGS…one was SOL KERZNER????(owner)

      He was friends with YVONNE BBEDFORD if I remember…….

  14. cheryl watson
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    LORNA………………….were you a CURRY
    GARNET CURREY in the UK…….saw him at EARLS COURT 2002/3

    you were in the SOTUH BEACH GIRLS………….I WAS WITH chippy…ETC…
    further down the beach……………………
    DID you marry George Thompson?

    • Lorna Currie Thomopoulos

      Yes, that’s me. A South Beach girl ( in Bruce Scott’s crew) and I did marry George 43 years ago! Thank heavens he spotted me on the No9 bus and pursued me as he turned out to be a wonderful husband.
      Garnet lives 10minutes away with his family in Cobham, a village 40minutes South of London.

    • Roger de la Motte

      Such great stories. I knew Chippy well. Beachwood I think as well

  15. john
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    do you remember some one who lived in the flats above mackeurton shops ?
    the “sessions” at the moth hall around the corner from the Rex ?

    • CHERYL

      JUST CANT REMEMBER THE SHOPS….I remember the name…a florist
      Porteous John, corner café owned by Harry the Greek…
      I was always at the REX……I remember Wayne Logan, Denise McArthur
      I lived in Harcourt Place….
      with 2 sisters AVRIL WATSON AND BRENDA WATSON….then we moved to UMHLANGA ROCKS drive……….
      Michael Charlton Jones and Craig Mcgouff…….Timmy Cryan

      the sessions 2/6pence AND BANDS ..the mods….???I remember 2 brothers with the name of SHANLEY……………..

      yes my Mom used to drop us there

  16. john
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    you got me remanicing about the “good ole days” !!!
    anyone remember a family named Mallon who lived on Broadway – same side as the Rex cinema going downhill , if I recall, where the road bends.
    One brother was Lynn and I think another Rolly.

    also 3 sister Shirley, Cherly, and Shioban Stone??

  17. cheryl watson
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    hello John

    I remember SHIOBAN STONE but why I have no idea…think she was older than me
    and she had brown hair…..short hair…maybe NORTHLANDS GIRLS HIGH..?

    I was in miss Guilfoyles class -mr Gaitskell std 5 and Mrs Hanson (class 1)
    Chelsea drive school…………..Tonkin..now a lawyer Johanthon Tonkin and Rohan were rich kids they went to HILTON.

  18. john
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    remembered (by flashback !)
    Barry campbell and Delphine Love, who I think got married.
    remembering going to a party at Delphines (parents house with fishpond ?) in Durban North and getting smashed !

  19. john
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    All this has resurrected some long lost names.
    Dorian’s – “Summertime” being the “themed” dance at the time.
    Peter Greggs (spelling ?) who unfortunately got killed in a Honda 50cc motor bike crash (my friend)
    Karenna who’s Dad taught at Northlands Boys High.
    Journeys End sessions – what else can I say ! guitar player xx Scahkut (can’t remember the spelling tho. The Gonks ?
    Ann Hedges from Red Hill

  20. cheryl watson
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    Howard shocart….gonks. Oh yes!!!

    Michael Charlton Jones and Craig Poole!!!

    Denise McArthur. Durban north….

    • neil Gould

      howard shachat
      on Facebook
      lives LA

  21. Brian Bushnell
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    Hey Cheryl how you keeping?? Used to hang out at the Rex and Journeys End plus all the parties in the Northern Suburbs. Mates with Yvonne , you and Rohan Tonkin, the Petsch family Barry Neaves , Rob Pavid and all the Virginia Boys. Used to be at the Dbn Nth Pool in the evenings as you know. Good to have memories of the old days. Hope u well sweety!!!

  22. john
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    Where are they now\who remembers
    Ice rink near north beach
    X Slavin who lived near the high rise flats in durban north
    Seasons at moth hall durban north
    John S(Q)wires
    Collecting mussels from the rocks at Umhlanga rocks for the BBQ\Braai
    Queens tavern & Saturday jazz sessions
    Bunny chow
    320 west [?) street & spare ribs
    OK bazaars
    Morrison’s Fine Fare
    Durban drive inn
    Cuban hat
    Timmons snake park
    Fathers moustache
    Blue lagoon
    Japanese gardens

    Any other reminders ?

    • Moira

      Hi John,
      My Dad used to bring home Crayfish collected from the rock pools at Umhlanga Rocks. Who could forget the Ribs enjoyed at The Golden Egg at 320 West Street!
      Best enjoyed with a glass of chilled Bellingham Johannesburger white wine of course!
      I remember the OK Bazaars very well and the American style cafe with red leather stools. They used to sell pink and white rock candy that I tasted as a child. Sometimes there would be bits of string through the candy.
      Sea Monkeys from Bon Marche
      Sunkist (?) cafe next to the Country Club beach
      The Japanese Gardens where in one of the ponds little springs would bubble up
      Double thicks at the Tropicale with its pale pink and pale green tablecloths
      Mitchell Park and the gorgeous floral displays
      Rocket Hut beach for fishing
      Race horses exercising on the beach at Blue Lagoon before walking back to the stables that were over the road f rom the Windsor Park golf course. Were they the Newmarket Stables? There were also other stables there for Pony Club and non race horses.
      The boats heading out every morning to check the shark nets
      Brings back great memories

    • Carol-Lea Hulett

      Hi Moira, thank you for the memories about Newmarket – do you perhaps recall any further information and it would be awesome if you have some photos. thanks so much Carol

    • Mike

      This comment has been moved to the where information to do with Newmarket Stables will be collected. Ed.

  23. john
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    Umhlanga Rocks mike & janets?
    Cuban hat & Sunkist after drive inn
    25c hamburgers
    Catching guppies at Beechwood golf course
    “Green Prawn” fancy ladies bar in fancy hotel on cnr opposite Natal Command
    Sardine run
    Dudley andrews dance studio
    Travenna supermarket
    OK Cup horse race once a year event- still got my O K wrist watch

  24. john
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    Happy Xmas to everyone

    • Paddy Browning

      Thanks John and thanks for the “Durban of our youth & what a youth it was” memories that keep us coming back and connected. All the best to you.

  25. Cheryl watson
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    Lobsterb pot
    Lord prawn. Coast lands

    Mike. Slavin mods band

    Shanley. Moth hall sessions
    Band with. Rowan. Rasmussen

    Spider. In a mini. Is on Facebook……Murphy??????

    David. Botterial. Beachwoodn. Lives. In. Wimbledon. London

  26. john
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    Happy New Year to all (ex) Durban Northies.
    Not toooooooo much “Mainstay” and coke please !

  27. alan mills
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    All these names and places bring back some memories, good and bad. Went Northlands, not Northwood, also ushered at the Rex. Long, long time ago.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

  28. Shireen
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    I remember the happy days spent in Durban North. First color movie I saw at the Rex was “Nancy Goes to Rio”. Wynotte Restaurant was my folks favourite eating place run by a guy named Emelio at that time (sp?). Our family owned the pharmacy in Red Hill (A.H.Todds Ltd). The Scordis family owned the Cuban Hat. I married Tony Clothier who was with the band Dickie Loader and the Blue Jeans.

  29. Pat Wilton (née Holt)
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    I used to go to Tiles a lot. Knew the Lee Men very well, cause I went out with Johnny, the bass guitarist for a couple of years, and also worked with him at a shipping company. Yeah, those were the days.

  30. John
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    Hey Everyone
    Gone very quete these days !
    Is it winter depression in UK or summer blues in SA ?
    Nostalgia is not what is cracked up to be ?

  31. John Corlett
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    I went to Northlands Boys High, matriculating in 1962 and was the bass guitarist in a band called “The Tremors” who often held sessions at The Journeys End Hall and also St. Martins in the Field and Stamford Hill Bowling club.That was in the early 60’s.
    In 1963 I joined a band called “The Delfinns” who played at the Ocean View Hotel in Musgrave Road on Friday and Saturday nights in about 1964/65.
    In reply to Shireen, her husband, Tony, was our drummer at the Ocean View.

  32. John
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    Happy Xmas everyone

  33. John Corlett
    | Reply

    Have a meaningful Christmas and New Year everybody.

  34. Keith Titmuss
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    Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas day. Hoping 2018 will be a good year for all.

  35. Frank Beeton
    | Reply

    Hi Keith, Season’s Greetings to you and all our correspondents. Pleased to say I found your Matric class group picture in the 1962 GBHS magazine! Bumped into Derek Harverson a few weeks back, amazing how we keep finding people from our distant pasts. Have a good 2018, Kind Regards, Frank (GBHS class of 1963).

  36. Keith Titmuss
    | Reply

    Hi Frank, good to hear from you, and seasons greetings to you and yours. Yes, 1962 seems so long ago….BUT even without all the modern technology we, of our generation had a really good time in the’60’s!
    I was watching A Hard Day’s Night on BBC2 earlier…..made me smile!
    Cheers, Keith

  37. John
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    Hi Everyone
    does anyone know the whereabouts of 3 sisters who lived in kensington drive.
    Heading away from broadway shopping area towards umhlanga direction, past northlands boys high, then down the dip , up, and i think on left.
    They all had “S” names. Shirly/Cheryl, and Shiobon. Wonder where Shiobon is now.

    • Patricia (Trish/Trisha) Dunlop

      Sounds as though you were looking for the girls of the family Stone? They attended my school if that is the case. Sheila, Shirley, Cheryl, Siobhan. All very good swimmers

    • John

      Hello Patricia
      A real longshot but you came up with them!
      I knew Siobhan more than the the other sisters.
      I seem to remember she was in Jhb and had an English boyfriend who was in the footware (shoes) industry probably around late 70’s or early 80’s. Dont know if they married or ………… Perhaps theyre in the Uk ?
      Would /could u thro some light ?
      With all good things

  38. John Corlett
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    Hi John
    The only two people that I new, living in that section of Kensington Drive, were Rodney Wilson and Doug Williams, who were both in my class at Northlands, if that’s worth following up?
    However, I have a faint idea that they both may be deceased now. Others that lived nearby, but on the other side of the dip, just above the school, were Alan Clark and Rowan Rasmussen, who may be able to help you.


  39. John
    | Reply

    Hi All
    Has everyone from Durbs north gone to sleep ??

  40. John
    | Reply

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of 2 sisters who lived in Delaware Ave durban north c1967 Beverley and Sharon Rickards.
    would love to know if them.

  41. Robert Timmerman
    | Reply

    Hi, Seems all the correspondents above are a generation prior to mine, matriculated at DHS in 1974, so a bit younger. The music scene I remember in Durban was that my brother Harry was a regular at the Tiles, and if I’m correct he saw – if memory serves me correctly – Ricky Fataar and (Steve Fataar) who were playing illegally under the Apartheid riles of the day. My friends and I were regulars at the Los Angeles Hotel downstairs bar and showstage with the big tree inside, for their competition The Battle of the Bands. The “Gonks” were the house band at the time when we went. I was in std 8 and 9 when we went. This was just before the upstairs Ladies Bar was redone and became the Robert E Lee. The roof of this bar was demolished in the 1980s and the roof came down in one chunk and caused structural damage to Tinsley House on the corner of St Thomas’s road and Musgrave Road. But I digress, the pub also had soe moron playing there – afrikaans bloke with a combi and an atrocious mullet who tried to impress us with a Jimi Hendrix effort playing guitar with his teeth. Got booed of the stage a few times and went back to Boksburg or whichever Transvaal hole he crept out of! Did see Spider Murch a few times and had a copy of the highly recommended Biltong and Potroast tape made at the Jewish Club in the laye 1970s. If this rings a bell with anyone – love to hear more about ‘later’ music!

    When I came out of the army in 1979 I was without a job and my brother Harry who knew the band manager got me a job driving Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse and his band Harari Music Concept on a tour thru the Eastern Cape, Transkei and Natal for a few weeks. Was an experience for a white kid living beyond the racial barriers in townships with wonderful people who welcomed me into their homes and families. Might be a nice story at some time!

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