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In keeping with FAD’s [read My] noble tradition for being late with stuff, I missed wishing you for Christmas, but I hope you had a good one. In the nick of time before the clock ticks over to the new year, however, I wish you all the best for 2012. I fervently hope that it is not quite as full of change for me as 2011 was, with the big move downunder, and that I can settle down and do more on this site and on the family history I’m working on. We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Allan Hannah
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    Hi AllanJ
    Glad to see that you are still perambulating along and haven’t been eaten by a dingo!
    And belated but sincere best wishes for 2012, and the future, of course!!
    Caught up with GB the other day and I think that he was quite pleased to get rid of me, eventually!
    We reminisced in true FAD tradition and there may have been a tear in the eye from time to time, thankfully mostly tears of laughter!
    I reminded him about the drinking spots in Durban and he politely listened to me but I could see that he was somewhere else and not too far from having a little snooze! Having read David Baird’s excellent and almost all embracing article on watering spots and then following up with the John Taylor article on a similar subject I felt quite ashamed of beating the GB ear on much the same subject!!!
    However, there was one little drinking hole that I did not notice in either of the articles! The was a hotel to the land side of the Fairhaven (of Coca Cola sign fame), in Gillespie street I think, which was called the Palace Hotel. Not a very inspiring façade I’m afraid and to get to the Baq Room, where the music was, you needed to walk down a fairly long and very straight passage past reception to your right, the pub entrance on the left and then through the door to the Baq Room. Always a live band and singer in attendance and an appreciative audience listening and sometimes dancing! There seemed to be some connection with Rhodesia as I think that I remember the bands and the songbirds often talking about up North. Maybe David or John ended up in this joint some evening and can give input on the Baq Room!

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