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By Dave Phillips - October 2009

Hi Allan

I am a 60 yr old Montclair boy [New Forest High - Matric 1966]

My 2 younger brothers [ Mike 'pegs' and Nev 'tich'] and I used to catch the bus into town on a Sat morn and go to the Prince's [cinema Ed.] where we would first swap comics on the steps outside the theatre, buy sweets and an ice cream, then watch the cartoon, serial and main movie. We would then bus it home to read the comics and give my mom the change from 10 shillings [R1] My dad used to fill the car once a week with 10 shillings petrol.

Once my friends and I got a bit older it was the dogems [ next door to the aquarium ] then on the way home to the Tropicale in Albert park for a doulbe thick lime or milo milkshake.

After finishing school and the Beatles and Rolling stones were just getting known in S.A. we would go to the Tiles nightclub in the alley next to the Prince's where we would dance to 'The Gonks' , 'Suck' and 'Dunny and the Showmen' - does anybody know what happened to these groups. We didn't have cars yet so it was the last bus home with us in the back singing ' We all live in a corporation bus'

The Ice rink and one of the 3 local Drive In theatres were also very popular once we had our own transport.

My dad used to go diving for crayfish at the 'back beaches' [ between the harbour and Brighton] and we often went up to the whaling station to watch the whales being cut up - a very smelly experience. We often sold the crafish to the neighbours for 10 shillings a pound.

In Kenyon Howden road [ the Montclair/Woodlands border] there were 2 halls - The MOTH and St. Audries hall that showed movies on Fri and Sat Night respectively and these halls were always packed with the local kids for these occasions.

I live in Gauteng now but still enjoy a nostalgic ride around Durbs. Nev stays in in Umbilo and Mike is in Perth W. Australia.

Hope you can use this for your very interesting website. Keep up the good work.

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